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Lightning Lodgment

Lodge your BAS in minutes

Lightning Lodgment is the fastest way to do your monthly, quarterly or annual BAS. By automating most of it, this feature can drastically reduce the time it takes to do your BAS. In addition, it can save you money by involving fewer people and avoiding manual processes.

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Why Lightning Lodgment?

Picture this. It’s BAS time again... 😩

You have to sit down with your bookkeeper, go through your accounts, find your receipts, add up your income, expenses, and GST, and then make sure you haven’t missed anything? 😰

What if we told you there was an easier way?

With Thriday, you simply run your income and expenses through your Thriday transaction account, upload your receipts, and then order BAS lodgment as a service right from your Thriday account. We save you time by doing the calculations, forms and heavy lifting for you. 😎

Why waste your time on tedious bookkeeping and forms when Thriday can do it for you?

How does Lightning Lodgment work?


Run your income and expenses through your Thriday bank account* and Visa Debit card*. If you’re joining Thriday mid-way through a BAS reporting period, don’t worry, you can manually enter that data into Thriday.


Choose 1 of 2 BAS lodgment options:
Self-serve: Simply lodge from your Thriday account with our automated assessment for $59.95, including GST.

Accountant-assisted: A premium service where a specialist tax agent will review your BAS submission before it’s lodged and contact you if any changes are required. This choice is perfect for more complex businesses or businesses submitting their first BAS. The price for this is $199.95, including GST.


Once the ATO reviews your lodgment, you’ll receive a notification of the lodgment outcome.


ATO refunds are automatically reimbursed to your Thriday account. If you owe money to the ATO, you can pay your bill directly from your Thriday transaction account.

What can Lightning Lodgment do for me?

Show you when new lodgments are scheduled, available, due or overdue.
Allow you to manually enter external balances if you have transactions outside your Thriday account.
Let you preview your BAS report before lodgment.
Give you the choice of self-serve BAS lodgment or accountant assisted for more peace of mind.
Give you a summary of all previous lodgments lodged through Thriday.
Notify you of your lodgment outcome.
Lodging your BAS through a registered tax agent via Thriday means you can get one additional month to make payments which can be great for cash flow.
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Why waste time on financial admin when Thriday can do it for you?

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