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Quick Quotes

Quickly and easily send professional quotes from the app and web.

Send quotes via email and SMS from wherever you are. Easily add new and saved billable items with custom units of measure. Create new clients and re-use existing clients. Tag quotes to make them super easy to find. Designed to save time and get quotes approved faster.

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How does Quick Quotes work?


Customise the professional template for your brand.


Choose the client you're sending to.


Add billable items.


Review and send to your customer via email and SMS.

What can I do with Quick Quotes?

Quote from your phone or computer right from the job site; send via email or SMS.
View a dashboard and calendar summarising the status of all your quotes.
Duplicate quotes to save time on data entry.
Attach files or photos to the quote.
Tag quotes to make it easy to find jobs and clients.
Save clients and billable items to reuse.
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