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Perfect Payments

Manage your bills and payments in one place

With Thriday, you can make payments and transfer funds between your bank accounts* in the same platform that automates your accounting. Thriday even has a bill management feature that allows you to forward, upload or scan the bills you receive to schedule them automatically.

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How does Perfect Payments work?


Confirm your recipient

You can add a new recipient or biller to pay, or you can select from your saved list.


Attach a file

You can attach a file for your records only. This makes it easy to remember what the payment was for.


Authenticate your payment

Use the Thriday app to securely two-factor authenticate your payment.


Track your payments

You then track and categorise your payments instantly.


Schedule a payment

You even have the option to schedule a payment for a future date which comes in handy for invoices.

What can I do with Perfect Payments?

Upload, take a photo or forward your bills to Thriday for immediate payment
Approve payments using two-factor authentication built into the app
Add notes and tags to your payments for accurate record-keeping
Attach files to your payments so you can easily remember what they were for
Payments are automatically categorised to a chart of accounts for bookeeping
Manage your settings, track all your payments, and view recipients anytime.
Send an automated email to your supplier once a bill has been paid
Send immediate or future dated payments so you can stay in control
Transfer funds between your bank accounts* to track profit, tax or salary

Frequently Asked Questions

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