Receipt app built to minimise tax and maximise returns

Easy expense management to save you time and money. Automatically reconcile expenses so every cent you spend is working to reduce your business tax bill.

4.9 average Google Reviews
Receipt Scanned
Auto Reconciled
Tax Minimised
Time Saved
Cash Flow Updated
Balance Sheet Updated
P&L Updated
Five stars
4.9 average Google Reviews

Minimise tax, maximise returns save a bundle of time

Scan, send and save receipts on the go. Automatically reconcile receipts to bank account* transactions. Quickly scan and email receipts from app or web. Smart GST recognition for BAS and tax calculations.


Paper to digital receipt capture

Thriday’s mobile app makes it easy to log paper receipts with your phone’s camera. Once you’ve snapped a photo, you can throw the receipt away.

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Digital receipt forwarding

Email digital receipts to Thriday. We’ll save and reconcile them automatically and recalculate your tax in real time.

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Auto-reconcile with AI

Win back hours of time thanks to Thriday’s powerful artificial intelligence, which matches your receipts to business expenses automatically.

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ATO audit log

Sleep easy knowing your business is prepared for an audit from the Australian Taxation Office with secure records of your business expenses.

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Save money on bookkeepers

Thriday automatically reconciles your paper & digital receipts, so you don’t have to spend hours, or pay people, to do manual data entry.

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Minimise your tax bill

Stop expenses slipping through the cracks. Every lost receipt means less money in your pocket and more money to the ATO.

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The best part? It’s all automatic!

Let Thriday automate the 'busy' work of receipt tracking, so you have more time and money for the things that matter.


Here’s what our customers have to say

Matt Hissey
Ridiculously easy to set up!
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April 17, 2024
Wendy Lewis Baida
Thriday is so easy to set up invoices on and the recipient has a streamlined process for payment.
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April 8, 2024
Dan Rigby
I've been using Thriday for almost a year now and am still impressed! They make running my business accounting simple so I can focus on the work 🙇‍♂️
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April 7, 2024
Robyn Mayne
Really enjoying the simplicity and ease of use. It's also great to handle bookkeeping within a banking app - saves lots of time. Love the automatic allocation of funds to various accounts
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March 28, 2024
Wendy Lewis Baida
Super well constructed business tool. Easy to navigate even if your not super PC savy. The account process works a treat.
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March 25, 2024
Matthew Thomson
Just moved from using Xero - things got so much simpler, especially as using the Profit First method got so much easier.
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March 24, 2024
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Frequently asked questions

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Where do I find my unique receipt mailbox address?

Simply go to the Accounts screen, select the Receipts tab, then select the 'Add Receipts' option. You can then see all three ways you can provide receipts: Upload, Email or Take Photo. Just select the email tab and your unique mailbox address will be there. To make your life even easier, you can set up auto-forwarding rules from your Gmail, Yahoo or email provider.

How many receipts can I upload?

You can upload up to 20 receipts at once.

Can you upload receipts completed with a non-Thriday card?

Yes, you can upload these receipts, and them manually add them as an external transaction. This means your books will be up to date. When you upload a receipt from a transaction made with a non-Thriday card, it will display as 'Expense not found'. You can then select the receipt action menu > Create Expense. This will then add this expense to your ledger.

Can I rename my accounts?

You rename your accounts in the Settings. Just go to the Accounts section and select the account you want to rename. You have a maximum of 20 characters to work with.

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Why waste time on financial admin when Thriday can automate it for you?