All-in-one financial management platform for

Small Business

Sole Traders




Thriday saves small businesses a huge amount of time and money by automating financial admin. It's like having a bookkeeper, accountant and transaction account all in one.
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All-in-one financial management platform for small businesses

Small Business

Sole Traders




We save small businesses a huge amount of time and money by automating financial admin
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Designed to save time & money for businesses great and small

Sole Traders

Automate accounting and tax so you can focus on your core business.

Small Businesses

Stay on track with smart notifications and spend recommendations.

Growing Businesses

Take advantage of deep business insights so you can stay one-step ahead.

Gig Workers

Start your new gig by opening a business account in minutes!


Our financial tools help you save over 60% on accountants at tax time.
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Transaction accounts

Imagine a business transaction account that actually saves you time.
Open a business account online in minutes, not days!
Make payments with your Visa Debit card
Withdraw cash from ATMs
Deposit cash at Australia Post offices via Bank@Post
Budget like a pro, opening up to 8 more transaction accounts
Fast and easy


Scan, send and save receipts on the go
Automatically reconcile receipts to transactions
Quickly scan and email receipts from app or web
Set up smart email forwarding rules to send straight to your Thriday account
Fast and easy
designed to help you get paid faster

Quotes and Invoices

Keep on top of your cash flow with one-touch invoicing and reminders.
Create professional templates in seconds
Automate payment reminders
Offer early payment incentives
Send invoices and quotes from the app and web
No setup needed


Bookkeeping made easy
Quickly scan and upload receipts for safekeeping
Expenses are automatically categorised
No setup required
Bookkeeping has never been easier for small business owners
ACCOUNTING automation


Thriday could save you a huge amount of time and money on accounting.
Automated cash flow and tax forecasts
Comprehensive reports
Income statements, cash flow and balance sheets
On-demand visibility of your tax position, profit and loss and more

What is Thriday?

Thriday is an Australian-owned transaction and accounting platform for sole traders & small businesses.

Thriday was created by a team of business owners who grew frustrated with the poor quality of financial management solutions offered to small businesses.

By building an awesome business account from the ground up, our mission is to help small business owners succeed by saving the time & money associated with financial admin.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thriday?

Thriday is a transaction account that provides automated accounting admin, tax forecasts and invoicing. Your Thriday transaction account will come with a debit card, including a BSB and account number that allows you to transact, make and receive payments.

When is Thriday launching?

We're moving full steam ahead to launch by Q2 of 2022! By signing up to our waiting list for $5 you can secure priority access to our first public release in Q1 with access to exclusive deals and updates about our progress.

What devices will Thriday be available on?

Thriday will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play at launch with native support for iOS and Android phones. Our website works well with screens of all shapes and sizes if you want to use Thriday on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

Does Thriday support Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Thriday will be supported by Apple Pay and Google Pay at launch, so you will be able to transact as you would with a normal debit card. Thriday's debit card will also be compatible with any service or terminal that accepts card payments.

Is Thriday tax deductible?

The good news is for the majority of you - yes! You will be eligible for any subscription fees you paid for Thrive in the prior 12 months. You will need to add it to section D10 – “Cost of Managing Tax Affairs”. The fees you pay for tax return help are always tax deductible. You can read further details from the ATO here.

How does Thriday automate my tax?

Thriday's tax feature uses your individual tax profile and the transaction activity of your account to generate estimates, forecasts and draft financial reports automatically. You can generate all your key reports instantly including:

  • Cashflow Statement
  • Balance Activity Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income statement

You can also see your potential tax liabilities, so you can consider what steps you need to take next.

What does Thriday's invoicing feature do?

Thriday's invoicing feature allows you to generate and send professional invoices and quotes from Thriday straight to your customers. Your recipients receive an email with a pdf of your professional invoice attached alongside a payment link that allows them to pay via electronic funds transfer. Thriday then keeps track of the status of each invoice to help you understand to your business' income and future financial position.

What does Thriday's receipt scanning feature do?

Our super smart receipt scanning feature has been designed to help you streamline and automate receipt reconciliation. Every time you get a receipt with a purchase, you can scan it on the Thriday site or app and have it automatically reconciled with the corresponding transaction.

To make things even easier, you can also take a photo on your phone, and forward your receipts to a unique Thriday generated email. Those receipts are also reconciled automatically. Thriday can also use these receipts to better categorise your expenses, identify your tax obligations, forecast your tax position, and ultimately help you maximise your tax return whilst staying compliant.

You will be able to store all of your receipts, organised and clutter-free on Thriday whilst saving yourself time from reconciling each receipt manually!

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