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Thriday - A Wave alternative built for Aussie small businesses

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Wave is a US-based accounting platform that is no longer supporting its Australian clients. After pulling out of the Australian market, Wave has stopped accepting new customers. Thriday is designed in Australia, for Australian small business owners, which means reporting is accurate and you can lodge your BAS directly to the ATO from within the platform. No bookkeepers or accountants required.


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Supported in Australia

No bank feed setup

Automated allocations

No accountant required

No training required

Receipt scanning

BAS lodgment

Unlimited transactions

Create free bank accounts

Visa Debit card

Pay bills

Enjoy these great Thriday features

Thriday is completely cloud based and available on web and app
Modern, fast and AI-driven platform that has no legacy systems
Works out of the box with no training or third-party support required
Combines banking, bookkeeping, accounting and tax in one platform
Saves hours each week as no manual intervention required
No bank feeds or manual expense tracking
I love the ease of automation – anything to make my banking & accounting life easier!

Why Thriday?

Running a business is hard enough. We get it. We live it every day! Spending 6 hours a week managing financial admin, usually, after hours, is the last thing you should have to do. And don't get us started on tax time... We built Thriday to eliminate financial admin and help you take back control of your money and time. By combining the tools you need to manage your money in one place, Thriday intelligently automates the tedious admin that sucks away your valuable time.

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