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Monitor your business performance

Check your dashboard to monitor the financial performance of your business at a glance. You can track your tax position and cash flow in real time. 

Personalise your business profile

Add your business logo to give your dashboard a personal touch. You can select which modules you want to see on your home feed via the settings.

Add accounts to manage your cash flow

Instantly generate up to nine free bank accounts* to help with budgeting and savings.  You can create accounts for Profit First, to put aside money for tax time or to save for a rainy day.

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Add funds to your account 

Send money to your Thriday account to start transacting and paying bills.  Just copy your details and send funds from your existing account.

Put your business budget on autopilot

You know that feeling when everything’s going to plan? With auto-allocations that’s the feeling you’ll get every time you get paid.  As income hits your account, your money can be automatically allocated to key accounts like profit, owners pay, tax, GST and operational expenses. It’s a tiny change that can have a huge impact.

Activate your Thriday Visa Debit card*

Once your Thriday Visa Debit* card arrives, you can activate it in seconds.  When your card is ready, you can add it to Apple and Google wallet.

Maximise your deductions with receipt scanning

Save hours and stay compliant by automating your receipt reconciliation.  Just forward any receipts you receive to your Thriday mailbox, and they'll be reconciled automatically.

Minimise tax by automating deductions from assets and liabilities

From cars to tools to loans and everything in between, your business may be able to claim a lot more depreciation and interest than it already is. The built-in asset and liability register in Thriday automates it for you.

Save time with automated bookkeeping

All your financial admin and bookkeeping is taken care of when you use Thriday. All your transactions are automatically reconciled to a chart of accounts, and your tax and GST is calculated automatically.

Get paid faster

Easily create professional invoices and quotes with Thriday. Personalise your invoice template and set automated payment reminders.

Automatically schedule bill payments

You can send payments, use BPAY, or transfer funds between your accounts. Use Bill Manager to forward, upload or scan your bills to schedule a payment in seconds.

Make tax time, relax time 

With Thriday, as long as the money you earn and spend goes through Thriday, your tax position is calculated automatically. See exactly where your money is going and what GST you’ve accrued.

Lodge your BAS directly to the ATO in minutes

When your BAS is due, we'll notify you and prepare your statement. Everything is calculated for you, and you can lodge it directly to the ATO from Thriday. 

Access management reports in HD

You must have the correct information at your disposal to make smart business decisions. Download all your reports to understand exactly how your business is performing.

Manage balances to track other income

If you’ve switched to Thriday and earned income before joining, you can track it here. Just go to manage balances and manually add any income or expenses.

Inbox notifications

Keep on top of important business activities with Thriday's automatic reminders.

Get your credit score

Thriday can help improve your credit score if it's bad and maintain it if it's good.