Thriday Appoints Two New Advisory Committee Members

July 29, 2021
Jaala Alex
Thriday is delighted to announce the appointment of two new Advisory Committee Members.

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Today, Thriday is delighted to announce the appointment of two new Advisory Committee Members: Dave Curran (Westpac, Accenture) and Rachel Gatehouse (ANZ, Brighte, Startmate).

"Small-to-medium businesses have had an incredibly tough 18 months. For the Australian economy to fully recover and prosper we need financially healthy small-to-medium businesses," discusses Michael Nucciforo (CEO, Thriday).

"Rachel and Dave both believe strongly in our mission to make financial management faster, easier, and more impactful for business owners around the country."

Photo: Rachel Gatehouse (ANZ, Brighte, Startmate).

Rachel has 30 years experience in the finance industry serving as CFO and COO.  At ANZ she led the finance team responsible for the performance of mortgages, deposits and product distribution.  

However, her passion lay in high growth start-ups where most recently she led Brighte’s finance, credit and operations functions through the company’s rapid expansion and Series C capital raise.

Rachel discusses, "Being an accountant by trade, I know how tedious admin can be: tax, reconciliation, invoicing. That's why I am super excited by Thriday's mission to solve this long held problem for small businesses."

Ben Winford (COO, Thriday) says, "Rachel is a great operator and has invaluable experience in guiding technology businesses through the stages we are at to succeed."

Photo: Dave Curran (Westpac, Accenture).

Dave currently sits on the boards of QBE (Australia/Pacific) and Quintessence Labs. He also directly coaches and advises a number of corporate leaders in the financial sector.

Dave is passionate about the development of Australia’s future leaders and is the Chairman of the Westpac Scholars Trust. He also has a deep commitment to cancer research and education and sits on the board of the Tour de Cure charity.

Dave’s years in business and finance have instilled a firm belief that our economy and wellbeing are largely underpinned by small business:

"I am genuinely excited about the potential Thriday can unlock for all small businesses; reducing the time, effort and complexity of administration to enable greater time and focus on serving customers and business development is not only great news for business but also the broader community."

"Dave is one of the most respected technology and financial business minds this country has and we can't wait to work with him to make Thriday the best possible solution for small to medium businesses," said Ben Winford.

"We are very excited that Dave and Rachel have joined us!"

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