New Team Member: Justin Bohlmann, Head of Growth

May 30, 2021
Ben Winford
Please join us in officially welcoming Justin Bohlmann, our new Head of Growth!

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Justin is joining the team from Sydney, Australia, and will be responsible for all things acquisition. Get to know our new Head of Growth better below:


Tell us a little about your most recent work experiences...
I've been at uno Home Loans for ~4.5 years starting out as Digital Marketing Manager and ending as Head of CX with marketing and growth roles in between.


Don’t be shy, tell us your super powers!
I'm good at getting to the very core challenges people face and then helping deliver solutions to overcome them.


Share a little bit about your personal interests...
I love my family walks into the National Park where I also really like to run. I love archery and find it to be super meditative!


Which small business do you personally love the most...
One of my best mates founded StageKings which pivoted to furniture (IsoKing) over COVID, knowing the inside story of that business from the beginning it's just been so awesome to watch them grow the business and such an awesome team and I'm super proud to have had a little hand in helping them through what could have been a very tough time. Β 


Favourite movie, song and food!
Movie: The Bourne series for the adventure.
Song: Tangled up in blue by Bob Dylan (I also love the Whitlams cover) because I love stories.
Food: Schnitzel because my Grandfather was a chef and taught us how to make the very best Schnitzel you've ever tasted.

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