New Team Member: Adam Glass, Senior Data Scientist

May 2, 2021
Jaala Alex
Please join us in officially welcoming Adam Glass, our new Senior Data Scientist, to Team Thriday!

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We’ve been speaking with Adam for some months now, and it’s great to finally have him on board hitting the ground running with all things data science, with a focus on our advanced analytics capabilities and analytical environments.

Get to know Adam better below:

Tell us a little about your most recent work experiences...

Before joining Thriday (and making the big move from the UK to Melbourne!), I was working as a data scientist for a fraud detection machine learning start-up in London for the past two and half years. If you've ever ordered food with Menu Log or Deliveroo or hailed an Ola cab, your data will have been fraud scored by Ravelin... as it turns out, Australia is quite the credit card fraud hotspot! I got the chance to work on some cool machine learning in production projects, including developing a model to detect when suppliers in online marketplaces were up to no good. Before then, I completed the General Assembly data science immersive bootcamp in London after a previous career in consulting, working specifically with social purpose organisations.

Don’t be shy, tell us your superpowers!

Apart from making terrible puns and Dad jokes... I'd say my main super power was being a data scientist who understands the practical/business side of things. Hopefully it will stand me in good stead at Thriday!

Share a little bit about your personal interests...

I love the great outdoors, so very excited to discover some of the amazing national parks Oz has to offer. Also a big sports fan (playing and watching) especially soccer. Although, that does mean getting up at weird times to watch the big games when they're live in England. 

Which small business do you personally love the most...

I just discovered a great independent toy store around the corner called Toot Toot Toys with a little coffee shop and play area inside (as a new Dad, that's very exciting!). Sadly, I also just read they were closing... but it turns out they're just moving a few hundred metres down the road. Phew.

 Favourite movie, song and food!

Tough the pick just one of each! Movie-wise, I'm a big Coen Brothers fan and probably my favourite film of theirs is Miller's Crossing - very underrated gangster film.

For songs, I love the oldies and especially Bob Dylan. The Times They are A-Changin was the first vinyl I owned after we got a record player, so I'll go with that. 

As for food, I have a massive sweet tooth so it has to be a dessert... sticky date pudding.

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