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Quiz: Does your business need a bookkeeper or accountant?

Whether it's a creative endeavour, a service-based business, or a technology-driven startup, take this quiz to help identify the right business opportunity that aligns with your unique strengths and aspirations.

Bookkeepers and accountants have traditionally played a crucial role in supporting the financial aspects of a business. Bookkeepers would track financial transactions, maintain accurate ledgers, and reconcile accounts. Conversely, accountants analyse financial data, prepare financial statements, and provide strategic insights for business decision-making. Combined, they ensure compliance with tax regulations, handle tax planning, and offer guidance on financial matters.

With the advent of new software like Thriday, a platform that automates banking, accounting, and tax, you may question whether you still need a bookkeeper or accountant. To help you make an informed decision, we recommend taking our short quiz. This quiz evaluates your specific business requirements and financial needs. By answering a few targeted questions, you can determine if the automation features provided by Thriday sufficiently address your bookkeeping and accounting needs or if it's advisable to engage the expertise of a professional bookkeeper or accountant. Find out now!

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