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Quicken is one of the oldest accounting products in the market. Quicken primarily operates as a desktop app, meaning it's hard to sync up data across multiple devices. Thriday is a digital native, fully cloud-hosted platform that is available on app and web. With Thriday, you can bring your own accountant, or if your business is simple, there is no bookkeeper or accountant required.


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Web and app

Quicken does not provide a cloud based web or app version for the Australian market. As a result, you will be stuck having to download a desktop app, remember those? Thriday on the other hand is a cloud native, modern and progressive platform built for web and app. You can download the iOS and Android apps from their respective app stores.

No bank feed setup

Setting up a bank feed is annoying. It can sometimes require paper forms and multiple signatures, and do you really want to be sharing your data with anyone you don't have to? Thriday removes the need for bank feeds by integrating a business transaction account with accounting. Quicken, unlike Thriday, does require bank feeds or manual imports of data to function. This is just another way that Thriday eliminates time wasted on financial admin.

Registered tax agent (no. 26262416)

To simplify your tax and BAS lodgments, Thriday is a registered tax agent (registration number 26262416) with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). This allows you to file your BAS and taxes directly through the Thriday platform while benefiting from expert support from registered tax agents.

No accountant required

With Thriday, you can use an accountant for more strategic advice and support, rather than basic bookkeeping. You wouldn't pay a personal trainer to come to every gym session, nor should you use an accountant for basic bookkeeping. Thriday gives you the choice. Quicken does require a bookkeeper or accountant to operate and lodge reports at tax time. So we recommend factoring in this extra cost when looking at your options.

No training required

Quicken is a complex system that was not designed well for small business owners. It does require some training to get familiar with, and accounting knowledge is required. Thriday was designed for busy business owners who don't have the time, or the interest, in learning accounting. It's simple and provides a great user experience.

Automated receipt reconciliation

With Quicken, you have to manually import or upload your transactions. Once your transactions are in the system, you can then use the Quicken app to take a photo of a receipt and attach it to a transaction. Sounds difficult? Well it is. With Thriday, all your transactions are automatically there, and as soon as you make a purchase it appears in your transaction history. From there, you can upload the receipt immediately and Thriday will reconcile it. Sounds easy? Well it is. Here are the steps again, go to a store, pay with your Thriday card, the transaction appears instantly, upload your receipt and Wham, Bam, thank you Mam. Your receipt is reconciled.

BAS lodgment

Quicken does not provide any option to lodge your BAS to the ATO, Thriday does, case closed. If you are registered for GST, lodging your BAS is a requirement. Thriday makes lodging your BAS as pain free and simple as possible.

Unlimited transactions

Thriday, which integrates your business transaction account with accounting, is able to review all your transactions at anytime to help determine your current and predicted tax position. Quicken does not have access to all your transaction data, which means that you might be only seeing half of what you need to see.

Create free bank accounts

One of Thriday's main superpowers is the ability to create business bank accounts*. You can create up to 10 if you want, and you can assign them to various different pots or folders that you need. Unlike Quicken, Thriday allows you to automate your banking, accounting and tax.

Visa Debit card

Quicken does not offer any transaction debit card or banking services in Australia. This means you will need to setup a bank account with another provide and manually pull in your transaction data into Thriday. This adds a lot of risk as your transaction data may not be up to date in Quicken.

Pay bills via BPAY

Quicken, which is an old school accounting app, does not allow you to pay bills or expenses via their platform. Thriday does support bill payments via BPAY. This includes immediate and scheduled payments.

Enjoy these great Thriday features

Thriday is completely cloud based and available on web and app
Modern, fast and AI-driven platform that has no legacy systems
Works out of the box with no training or third-party support required
Combines banking, bookkeeping, accounting and tax in one platform
Saves hours each week as no manual intervention required
No bank feeds or manual expense tracking
In the past, everything was all over the place. It’s so easy being able track all our outgoings and incomings in one system.
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Why Thriday?

Running a business is hard enough. We get it. We live it every day! Spending 6 hours a week managing financial admin, usually, after hours, is the last thing you should have to do. And don't get us started on tax time... We built Thriday to eliminate financial admin and help you take back control of your money and time. By combining the tools you need to manage your money in one place, Thriday intelligently automates the tedious admin that sucks away your valuable time.

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