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Tireless Transacting

$0 monthly access fee business banking* designed for cash flow control

$0 monthly access fee. Make payments with your Visa Debit card*. Apple Pay and Google Wallet integration. Withdraw cash from ATMs. Deposit cash at Australia Post offices via Bank@Post. Budget like a pro, opening up to 9 bank accounts* to put aside GST, tax, super and other expenses. Use Bill Manager to snap a photo of your bills for automated payment scheduling.

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What is Tireless Transacting?

Tireless Transacting is at the heart of Thriday's productivity platform, which has a business bank account* with a Visa Debit card*, allowing 24/7 access to transact across Australia¹. However, unlike a traditional bank account, it's fully integrated with all of Thriday's core features to automate your financial admin and actually save you a massive amount of time. 

How does Tireless Transacting work?


You become a Thriday member, which generally takes less than a few minutes. This includes real-time verification checks of your identity and business.


Once verified - you get access to your Thriday transaction account.  The Financial Claims Scheme² protects your deposits up to $250,000 (per account holder).


You'll be issued your Visa Debit card, which can be used to make payments wherever Visa is accepted. You can also withdraw funds from ATMs across Australia.


Send invoices and your account details to your customers. Then, as the money starts to flow into your transaction account, Thriday automatically matches the income from your customers to the invoices you've issued to save you time.


Your data is used to forecast your tax position in the background. It becomes immediately available to you in visual charts and reports you can refer to at any time.


We do the same thing for expenses. As you pay for business expenses from your Thriday transaction account and start using Thriday to scan receipts, we match those receipts to the expense transaction. This makes your life easy when it comes to tax time.


We make it super easy for you to recognise where your money is going by enriching your expenses with important data about the merchant.

We save you considerable time by automatically categorising your transactions into a preconfigured chart of accounts.


The Thriday platform calculates the estimated GST you've incurred and received, so it's easy for you to review. If you choose to lodge your Business Activity Statement from Thriday, this information flows through for lodgment at the click of a button.


All of your transactions are automatically categorised into a category and chart of accounts. This makes it super easy to know exactly where your money's going.


View and download monthly statements that summarise all your transactions, opening and closing balances, and running totals in one easily digestible PDF.


You can also export all your transactions into a CSV or use open banking to pull your Thriday data into approved third-party applications. It's your data, so you choose how to use it.

What can I do with Tireless Transacting?

Automate cash flow and tax forecasts.
Have a fully functional business bank account* set up, with no paperwork, in minutes. Not days or weeks. You'll wonder how we've made it so easy.
Use your Visa Debit card* to access your account through ATMs, eftpos, payWave and Bank@Post.
Budget like a pro. Create up to 8 additional bank accounts*, at no extra cost, to track income and expenses with ease.
Use dedicated bank accounts* to automate transfers like GST, tax, super and payroll.
Instantly search or filter your transactions to find the transaction you're looking for.
Stay on top of budgets and expenses in real-time.
Attach receipts, invoices, or files to transactions to keep more detailed records.
Add notes or tag your transactions to easily remember what they were for.
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Other key features

Enriched transaction data

Knowing where your money is coming from and where it's going is critical.

To make this easier for you and to power some of the intelligent automation on Thriday, we enrich individual transaction records with things like:

Business name
Business category
Business location
Contact information
Company logo
ABN and GST details
Website links

This combination helps you understand transaction statement data and saves you a lot of time!

Scheduled payments

Everything we do is done to save you time. Payment scheduling is a simple feature you'd expect to see in any transaction account. However, it has a lot of power when used correctly. For example, automating recurring payments, batch processing bills and invoices, overall, you guessed it, saves you time!

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¹ Thriday transaction account

² Financial Claim Scheme (FCS)

Why waste time on financial admin when Thriday can automate it for you?

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