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Why Thriday?

Michael Nuciforo
CEO 'Chief Elimination Officer' at Thriday

Running a business is hard enough already.

We get it. We live it every day!

Spending 6 hours a week managing financial admin, usually, after hours, is the last thing you should have to do.

And don't get us started on tax time...

We built Thriday to eliminate financial admin and help you take back control of your money and time.

At the very least, Thriday gives you an alternative solution to an outdated system designed to benefit everyone except the business owner doing the actual work.

By combining the tools you need to manage your money in one place, Thriday intelligently automates the tedious admin that sucks away your valuable time.

  • There's nothing to set up
  • No training required
  • You don't even need a bookkeeper or an accountant

Here's a quick image to show you what's included to make it work:

All of this in one place to eliminate financial admin and let you take back control of your money and your time

We've talked about 'why' and 'what', but 'how' does Thriday help eliminate admin and save time?

  1. You need to get paid

    After spending a few minutes becoming a member, you want to get paid.

    People pay money into your Thriday transaction account via the invoices you send directly from Thriday or other sources you connect to your business account, e.g. your merchant terminal.

  2. Send quotes and invoices from Thriday. Designed to help you get paid faster
  3. Thriday forecasts your tax and cash flow

    Thriday automatically forecasts the amount of tax you'll need to pay at the end of the financial year.

    The forecast accounts for income, expenses, loans and owner deposits, so you never have to worry about how much money to set aside for tax.

    Thriday shows you.

  4. Tax is forecast automatically in real-time so you know where you stand
  5. Budget like a pro

    You can distribute the money into multiple transaction accounts for budgeting. For example, you might have:

  6. an owner's pay account
  7. a profit account
  8. a tax account
  9. and an operational expense account
  10. With just a couple of clicks, they're all set up.
    Budget like a pro with multiple transaction accounts at the click of a button
  1. Choose the way you pay

    Pay your bills and other expenses with your Thriday Visa Debit card, direct deposit or BPAY from your Thriday transaction accounts.

    Mark transactions as business or personal so the right amount of tax can be calculated.

  2. Thriday Visa Debit Card
    Pay with your Visa Debit card, direct deposits and BPAY
  3. Manage your expenses as they happen to automate bookkeeping

    Quickly scan receipts with the Thriday app, upload them from your computer or simply email them to your Thriday account. You can save a receipt in seconds.

    Like magic, Thriday automatically categorises and matches the expenses with the correct transaction, so you don't have to reconcile manually.

    The bookkeeping has just been done for you!

  4. Pay with your Visa Debit card, direct deposits and BPAY

    Because the transaction account, Visa Debit card and intelligent receipt recognition are all built-in, the process is much faster and more accurate than you may have experienced in the past.

    You still have complete control; you can always check your receipts have correctly reconciled, and you can edit the details later if you want to make changes.

    The hard work is done for you in the background. Thriday uses machine learning and an intelligent rules engine to constantly recalculate and forecast your tax based on income and expenses.

    Leading us to the last part...

  5. Thriday does the accounting in the background to streamline your tax

    Because you've followed the simple process above, come tax time, you're ready to go, no spreadsheets, no shoeboxes full of receipts, and no headaches.

    The forms and paperwork needed to lodge your tax are a thing of the past. It's done automatically, in the background, over the financial year without you, a bookkeeper, or an accountant having to think about it.

    You can lodge your BAS and tax with ease right from your Thriday account.

    It's tax time in no time!

  6. Lodge your BAS and tax from Thriday

Joining the community

We look after our members at Thriday; we've tried to make it as much of a no-brainer as possible.

  • You can try before you buy; free for 30 days
  • You only pay for Thriday after you start getting paid
  • When you do start paying, membership is just $29.95/month and tax-deductible
  • There's local human support to answer your questions right from day one

The best part is you can join the growing community of businesses using Thriday to take back control of their time.

You can set up your account for free in less time than it took to read this story 😄

All you need are two forms of ID:

  • Your licence,
  • Your Australian passport
  • Or your Medicare card

We need to verify your ID because you're setting up a business transaction account.

The data flowing in and out of the transaction account powers the automation behind Thriday. It's a critical feature.

We're constantly listening to our members and asking for feedback, so please drop us an email at, tell us what you think, and let us know if you have any questions!

If you want to talk to someone, call us on 13 THRIDAY (13 84 74).

We're here to help!