How to become a Barista


Did you wake up and smell the coffee? Becoming a barista is an exciting and rewarding career opportunity, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. To become a successful barista, you need to know the basics of coffee brewing, have excellent customer service skills, and know how to create delicious coffee drinks. Read on for our step-by-step guide on how to become a barista in Australia.  


Step 1: Learn about coffee brewing  

Before you can be a successful barista, you must first understand the basics of coffee brewing. You should learn about different types of coffee beans, how to grind them accurately, how long it takes to brew each type of bean, and various methods for making espresso. The more knowledge you have about coffee brewing techniques, the better prepared you will be when it comes time to make drinks for customers.

Step 2: Get certified  

It is not mandatory to be certified in order to become a barista in Australia; however, having certification may give employers confidence that you have the necessary skills needed for the job. There are several organisations that offer certifications specifically designed for aspiring baristas in Australia such as Baristas Guild Asia Pacific or the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). These certifications provide evidence that you understand the fundamentals of brewing great coffee and demonstrate your commitment and dedication to becoming a successful barista.  

Step 3: Practice making coffee 

Once you have learned about basic principles of coffee brewing and received your certification (if applicable), it is important that you practice your skills before applying for jobs as a barista. You can find opportunities at local cafes or volunteer with friends or family members who own cafes or restaurants. Practicing your skills will help build confidence when working with customers and ensure that your drinks meet high standards of quality - something all good baristas strive towards!

Step 4:  Attend coffee events

Attending coffee events is a great way to learn more about coffee and meet other people who share your passion for coffee. Some of the most popular events include the Melbourne International Coffee Expo and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Step 5: Watch videos and tutorials

In addition to training and reading, you can also learn about making coffee by watching videos and tutorials online. There are many great resources available that can teach you everything from how to grind beans to how to make latte art.

Step 6: Get a job in a cafe

With all the training and practice you have completed, you should be ready to get a job. Working at a cafe will give you the opportunity to learn about coffee and gain some experience making coffee drinks.

Becoming a successful barista requires dedication and hard work but is also incredibly rewarding! Australia is renowned for its coffee so you are certainly in the right country. By following this step-by-step guide - learning about coffee brewing basics, getting certified if desired, and practicing your skills - anyone can become an expert barista in Australia with relative ease. We look forward to trying your coffee at a cafe soon!

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