How to become a Carpenter


Carpentry, one of the oldest trades, is still an incredibly important profession all over the world. If you’re interested in becoming a carpenter in Australia, there are some steps you need to take to ensure that you can practice your craft with confidence. Let’s explore what it takes to become a carpenter in Australia.

Step 1: Get a trade qualification

The first step to becoming a carpenter in Australia is to complete a trade qualification. A trade qualification will give you the skills and knowledge you need to work as a carpenter. It is recommended that new carpenters complete either an apprenticeship program or take courses at TAFE (Technical And Further Education) or other vocational education institutions such as private colleges or universities.

Step 2: Take a course at TAFE

In order to be eligible for licensing in some states and territories or even be considered for certain types of carpentry jobs you will need to complete a TAFE course. These courses will help prepare prospective carpenters with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be successful in their trade. Depending on your chosen course of study, this could include learning how to read plans, measure accurately, use power tools safely and handle materials properly.

Step 3:  Register with the appropriate authority

Once you have completed your trade qualification, you will need to register with the appropriate authority in your state or territory. It depends on the state you are in, but examples include the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) or the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Step 4: Obtain a construction induction card

Before you can begin working on a site, you will need to obtain an induction card. This card demonstrates that you have completed the necessary training to work safely on a construction site. You can obtain a construction induction card by completing an online course or attending a face-to-face training course.

Step 5: Get insurance

As a carpenter, you will be required to have insurance in case you cause damage to someone else’s property or injure someone while working. You can obtain insurance through an insurance broker or by contacting your state’s workers’ compensation authority. If you want to get your insurance directly, a good place to start is TradeRisk.

Step 6: Find work

Once you have completed your trade qualification and registered with the appropriate authority, you can start looking for work as a carpenter. Once your register for an ABN, there are several ways to find work, including searching online job boards such as HiPages or, contacting local builders, or registering with an agency that specialises in finding jobs in the construction industry.

Step 7: Keep up with new developments

Carpentry is an ever-evolving industry, so it is important to keep up with new developments if you want to succeed in your career. One way to do this is by attending training courses offered by your union or employer. You can also stay up to date by reading carpentry-related news articles and books or by following relevant social media accounts.

Becoming a carpenter in Australia requires both formal training and hands-on experience obtained through apprenticeships programs or working with experienced professionals. There are various licensing requirements depending on which state or territory you live in so it’s important that aspiring Australian carpenters research these before beginning their journey towards becoming qualified practitioners of this highly sought-after trade. With determination and hard work along with professional guidance from experienced mentors, anyone interested in becoming a carpentry professional can find success.

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