How to become a Chiropractor


If you're considering becoming a chiropractor in Australia, you've come to the right place. If you love helping people deal with back pain or disorders, we'll take you through the steps necessary to become a qualified chiropractor in Australia. From gaining your qualifications to registering with the relevant authorities, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started on your journey. Let's get started!

Step 1: Complete an accredited chiropractic degree

In order to become a chiropractor in Australia, you must first complete an accredited chiropractic degree. There are currently two accredited chiropractic degrees offered in Australia: a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master of Chiropractic. Both degrees take four years to complete full-time, or you can choose to study part-time over a longer period.

Step 2: Register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Once you have obtained your qualifications from an approved provider, it's time to register with AHPRA. You can do this by completing and submitting an application form online. Once you have registered with AHPRA, you will be issued with a practitioner number, which is required in order to operate as a chiropractor in Australia.

Step 3: Get experience via an internship

Once you have registered with AHPRA, you must then complete an internship at an accredited chiropractic clinic. Internships typically last for 12 months and involve working under the supervision of experienced practitioners. During your internship, you will gain practical experience in treating patients and running a chiropractic practice.

Step 4: Pass the Australian Chiropractic Board (ACB) exams

After you have completed your internship, you must then pass the board exams set by the ACB. The ACB exams consist of both written and practical components, and cover topics such as anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, and treatment methods.

Step 5: Obtain professional indemnity insurance

Before you can start practising as a chiropractor in Australia, you must obtain professional indemnity insurance. This insurance protects you from claims made by patients who allege that they have been harmed as a result of your actions as a practitioner. Professional indemnity insurance is typically obtained through an insurance broker or provider. You can start your search online.

Step 6: Join a professional association

It is also recommended that you join a professional association such as the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA). The ACA provides its members with access to resources such as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, legal support, and insurance discounts.

Step 7: Meet continuing education requirements

As a registered practitioner, you are required to meet certain continuing education requirements in order to maintain your registration. These requirements vary depending on which state or territory you are registered in, but typically involve completing courses on an ongoing basis.

Becoming a qualified and registered chiropractor in Australia is an exciting process that requires dedication and hard work. By following the steps outlined above, from obtaining your qualifications to meeting training requirements, you will soon find yourself well on your way towards realising your dream of working as a successful practitioner in this field.

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