How to become a Dog Walker


Are you an animal lover looking for a job with flexible hours and the opportunity to meet some furry friends? Then look no further - becoming a dog walker in Australia may be just the thing for you! This guide will walk you (no pun intended) through the process of getting your business up and running, from registering with local authorities to finding your first clients.

Step 1: Register your business

The first step in becoming a dog walker is to register your business. Depending on where you live, this may involve registering with local or state government bodies, such as council offices or trade associations. Once registered, it’s important that you comply with all relevant legislation and regulations regarding pet care, animal welfare and safety. From a financial admin perspective, you will need a tool to invoice, get paid and pay bills from. Thriday is a good solution for dog walkers who hate doing all the banking, accounting and tax because with Thriday everything is automated, saving you time and money. Take this quick business name quiz to help you come up with the right name.

Step 2: Qualifications can help

Although there are no formal qualifications needed to become a dog walker, having an appropriate qualification can give potential customers peace of mind when hiring someone to look after their furry family member. You could consider studying for an animal care course at a college or university, or even completing an online program that covers topics like pet health and safety, nutrition and basic care needs - all of which will help boost your knowledge and skillset before getting started.

Step 3:  Get insured and obtain a police check

It is also important to get insured before you start walking dogs. This will protect you in case anything happens to the dog while you are walking it. Another important step to becoming a dog walker in Australia is to get a police check. This will ensure that you are not a danger to the public or the dogs you will be walking. Many clients will ask for this, so getting it ahead of time is well advised.

Step 4: Promote your dog walking services

Once you’ve registered your business and obtained any necessary qualifications or certifications, it’s time to start promoting yourself! Word-of-mouth is often the best way to get new clients, so tell your friends and family about what you do - they may know someone who needs a reliable dog walking service. You can also create social media accounts dedicated solely to your business - post regularly and interact with other pet owners in order to build awareness of what you offer. Advertising in local newspapers or on community noticeboards can be another effective way of spreading the word about your services.

Step 5: Start walking dogs

After you have signed up some clients, you can then start walking dogs. It is important to treat all your clients and their dogs with the greatest care. To do so, keep records of all the dogs you walk, including their names, contact details, and any medical information. Always pay close attention to the dogs and keep them on a leash when required. This will help you in case there is ever an issue with a dog while you are walking it.

Becoming a dog walker is a great way to form relationships with animals, stay fit, and enjoy flexible working hours. If done right, it can be very rewarding work which gives back both financially as well as emotionally - plus it's lots of fun. By following these steps, you should have all the information needed for setting up shop as a professional dog walker.

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