How to become an Engineer


Engineering is a highly respected, stable and sought-after profession in Australia. There are a variety of pathways to becoming an engineer, depending on the level of education you have completed and the type of engineering you wish to pursue. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various steps you’ll need to take to start your own successful engineering business in Australia.

Step 1: Complete your tertiary education

The first step toward becoming an engineer is completing the required education. If you want to become a professional engineer, then you need to complete a bachelor's degree in engineering from an Australian university. This will usually take three or four years of full-time study, depending on the university and your chosen field of engineering. Some people may decide to pursue a Master's in engineering if they really enjoy the profession and further education. If you already possess a degree, but it is not related to engineering, there are courses available that can help bridge the gap between your existing qualifications and those required for engineering. These courses will help prepare you for professional registration as an engineer.

Step 2: Complete an internship

After completing your engineering degree, you will need to complete an internship with an engineering firm. This will give you the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field and to learn about the different aspects of engineering. Additionally, if possible, you may want to consider taking part in international exchange programs which allow engineers to gain valuable experience working abroad while gaining recognition within their home countries upon completion of their program.

Step 3: Register with Engineers Australia

Once you have completed your study requirements and got the relevant experience under your belt, the next step is to gain professional registration as an engineer with Engineers Australia (EA). To do this, you must have at least four years of relevant experience and submit evidence that demonstrates your competence as an engineer. You must also pass a Professional Interview conducted by EA before being granted membership status as a Professional Engineer (PE). EA is a non-for-profit organisation that’s mission is to advance the engineering profession across Australia. So, they are a great organisation to get involved with when starting a business in this field. It is also important to note that registered engineers must maintain their membership through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities such as seminars and conferences each year.

Step 4: Start your business

Now that you are officially an engineer, you can start your own business. A simple route is to set up a business as a consultant and perform your trade on your own. You simply need to register as a sole trader or company and away you go. To decide on whether a sole trader or company type is right for your business, take this quick business structure quiz. Another avenue is to build a small team and start working as a group. Once you have decided on which way to go, you’ll need to register an ABN and come up with a business name and brand. As an engineer you’ll also want to ensure you have the right insurance. Professional Indemnity and Public Liability are two types of insurance you should consider.

Step 5: Stay up to date with developments in technology

As an engineer, it is important to stay up to date with developments in technology. This can be done by attending conferences and seminars, reading industry blogs and publications, and keeping up with online resources. When you run a business, your clients will expect you to be an expert in engineering, so to be able to charge the best rates, you’ll need to stay at the top of your game.

Becoming an engineer in Australia requires commitment and dedication but offers great rewards over time. After completing the necessary educational requirements and obtaining professional registration with Engineers Australia you will be able to pursue any field of engineering practice within Australia or abroad, creating many exciting opportunities for yourself. With hard work and determination, anyone can start an engineering business in Australia.

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