How to become a Milkrun Rider


Have you ever thought about becoming a Milkrun rider? Milkrun is one of the fastest growing startups in Australia, and services customers by providing high quality groceries in minutes. Becoming a Milkrun rider is an exciting opportunity to make money while on the move. With Milkrun, you get to explore your city while earning extra cash and staying fit. Here is what you need to know about becoming a Milkrun rider in Australia.

Step 1: Check for open roles with Milkrun

Check: or search on Seek:

If they don't have positions open then maybe Door Dash or Uber are better alternatives.

Step 2: Register your ABN

To ride with Milkrun as a contractor, you’ll need to have your own ABN set up. To register for ABN, you can jump online and get a number created in minutes. If you expect to earn over $75,000 in income for the year, you’ll need to also register for GST. If you are registered for GST, you'll need to lodge a BAS to the ATO.

Step 3: Complete your background checks

All Milkrun riders must be at least 18 years old and have their own bike with space for groceries. Milkrun typically hires riders as permanent staff members with the associated benefits, however during busy periods, Milkrun does hire freelance contractors which is your chance to do your thing. All riders must pass the necessary background checks before being approved as a Milkrun rider.

Step 4: Purchase a bike and insurance

Now that you have been approved to work with Milkrun, you can sort out your mode of transport and insurance. Getting the right bike is essential if you want to stay on track with your orders. As you’ll be riding around frequently, you’ll want to get something that is reliable and sturdy. At this stage, it makes sense to chat to other Milkrun riders to see what their experiences have been like. Insurance is also a key component, so make sure you get protected in the event you get injured or have an accident with your bike.

Step 5: Open an account with Thriday

Now that you have started riding with Milkrun, you’ll need to get paid. Thriday is the best way to manage your finances as a freelancer. As you earn income, or spend money, all your bookkeeping, accounting and tax is taken care of. This means that you never need to think about financial admin and tax again. Thriday is perfect for sole traders who want to spend more time working, and less time in the books. To see how much time you could save with Thriday, take this quick tax quiz.

Step 6: Stay and fit and be ready to go

Being a Milkrun rider requires you to be fit, able to ride quickly and safely, and carry up to 50 pounds. Because you will be carrying groceries, it’s important you have the physical strength to carry that weight. As you are riding outdoors, you must be comfortable working in all weather conditions. There can be peaks and troughs throughout the day, so being flexible with your work times is also essential.

Becoming a Milkrun rider is an excellent way to make money while on the move. It offers flexible hours so that riders can work when it fits their schedule best plus additional incentives such as discounts on groceries or bonus payments during peak times of the year. Being a Milkrun rider is a great side hustle for those that want the extra freedom to work on their terms.

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