How to become a Musician


Do you love the sweet sounds of glorious music? Do the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you hear the thumping sounds of a live band? Are you passionate about music and dreaming of making a career out of it? Becoming a musician in Australia offers so many different opportunities, from being a professional artist, to a busker, wedding singer, or creating jingles for ads, the list is endless. So, let’s explore what it takes to become a successful musician in Australia.

Step 1: Develop your musical style

The music industry is incredibly competitive, so you will need to find something that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. You may already know what kind of genre or style appeals to you most, but it pays to explore different avenues. For instance, should you focus on being a singer, or a song writer? Do you want to become a DJ, producer or both? Developing your musical style will allow you to focus on your strengths, and over time, it will bring a real authenticity to your musical performances.

Step 2: Build your network

Music is a relatively small industry in Australia, so it pays to get deeply connected with your peers. Attending live shows and conferences are easy ways to get involved with like-minded people and build relationships within the industry. It’s also worth looking into different local music programs that could potentially offer valuable opportunities for collaboration. The more connections you make, the greater potential there will be for securing gigs and growing your fan base. You might even find your next band mate!

Step 3: Play gigs or join a band

Once you have developed your style, you may want to join a band or orchestra. There are many bands and orchestras located throughout Australia, so you should be able to find one that suits your interests and abilities. Joining a band or orchestra will give you the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences and hone your performance skills. Playing gigs is another great way to get your music out there and build up a following. You can play gigs at local venues such as bars, clubs, and cafes. You can also play at larger venues such as concert halls and festivals.

Step 4: Promote your music

Once you have some material ready for recording, you can start looking into professional studios that have experience working with aspiring musicians from all backgrounds. This way, you can ensure that your recordings sound high quality without breaking the bank. Once all your tracks are complete and mastered, you can start promoting them on streaming platforms or submitting them for radio play. Additionally, using social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram can bring even more exposure to your work. Whilst it may sound farfetched, the likes of Justin Bieber and Arctic Monkeys were discovered this way.

Step 5: Build your brand

People often fall in love with the artist and their brand, just as much as they do with the music. For many fans, they just can’t separate the two. You can have the best music in the world, but if people are not moved by you, your style, and your story, it will likely fall flat. You need to be the whole package to become a major star. So as your career is starting out, you’ll need to carefully curate your brand via social media and video, to get people interested in you.

Becoming a successful musician takes hard work and dedication – but with enough passion and perseverance anything is possible. Whether you’re just starting out in Australia or already have some experience under your belt, take our advice on board to help get ahead in your musical career.

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