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Did you know that the biggest contributor to the Australian economy is small to medium businesses?  Australia’s 2 million SMEs employ over half the country’s workforce, account for a third of the GDP, and are the lifeblood of communities around the country.  


We all know an Aussie business owner. It could be your partner, your mother, brother, or the person you buy your morning coffee from. People start a business to be their own boss, pursue their passion and to showcase their skills. But the reality is very different…It’s long days, sleepless nights, non-existent weekends and endless financial admin.  


For every sale, there is an invoice to fill, a staff member to pay and an expense to be reconciled.  In fact, small businesses spend over 6 hours a week on financial admin. This equates to a staggering 42 days of wasted productivity every year.  

About Thriday:  

Thriday is a revolutionary new product that combines everything a business needs into one seamless and automated solution.   We have created a product that is the fastest way for small businesses to manage their banking, accounting and tax obligations.


Thriday acts like a CFO in your pocket, taking care of everything a business needs.  Using the data and insights from a Thriday business transaction account and debit card, Thriday offers intelligent value-adds like expense tracking, invoicing, tax forecasting, payroll and more. These tools help win back time for busy business owners, but more importantly, it allows them to plan for the future with real confidence.  


These valuable features are made possible by our blank-sheet technical stack, which leverages AI & ML fed by a real-time stream of data from the core business transaction account. No legacy systems, no antiquated  technology - just a fresh new approach.

The role:

We’re looking for a super talented DevOps engineer who is ready to test their skills and help us build the financial management platform of the future. In this role you will be empowered to contribute to our technical direction and work closely with internal teams and external partners. We want you to bring your own ideas to the table, and to have a critical voice in the direction of both the product and the company.

To succeed at Thriday you must have a strong sense of accountability and be a strategic thinker. You must feel comfortable picking a path and sticking to it. You must be an effective communicator and a strong team player. You must be agile in mindset and practice. We have a huge vision so it’s not for the faint hearted.

You will be directly reporting to the CTO, work closely with our development team and build our core technology platform. Your valued input and ideas will positively impact the current and future operations of the company.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Manage, maintain and monitor our Azure platform
  • Assist the development team by managing environments
  • Administer access control and identity management
  • Assist the development team to configure a CI\CD process
  • Act as a build & release manager for the team
  • Adopt best practices for DevOps.

Experience required:

  • Experience across Azure Cloud Platform in both hybrid and cloud native environments
  • Core understanding of Azure IaaS and PaaS offerings, governance and architecture
  • Experience configuring Azure DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines
  • Deployments of Azure in Production environments, at scale
  • Experience in automation (ARM.), scripting and/or development tools required
  • Experience working in an Agile methodology (Scrum/Kanban/etc.

Preferred, not required:

  • Experience in Azure Cognitive Services and AI capabilities sets will be highly regarded
  • Ability to perform multiple roles (Developer, Scrum Master) is preferred.

Our values:

Driven by purpose  

Helping businesses succeed is why we show up every day. We invest time into understanding what matters most in accomplishing our purpose, and use data to make sound decisions and determine the best course of action.  

Committed to action

By setting clear goals we act with focus, determination, resilience and ownership to deliver our commitments. We keep moving forward in pursuit of the best outcomes and willingly take on worthwhile challenges.

Embrace ingenuity  

We have the desire and autonomy to seek new ideas, try new things and take calculated risks that contribute to our customer’s success. We have ambition in our heart and always consider the possibilities, because what is good today won't be good enough for tomorrow.

Continuous growth  

Our enthusiasm to constantly learn, build knowledge and improve what we do means we can achieve anything. We grow together by tracking our performance, sharing constructive feedback, collectively adopting a growth mindset and see our mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. If we thrive so will our customers.

In trust we thrive  

We empower each other and our partners to perform with confidence and creativity, believing those who are closest to the decision will make the best decisions.  We are always honest and transparent and expect the same in return and genuinely recognise the efforts and achievements of others. Trust bonds us together.

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