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Did you know that the biggest contributor to the Australian economy is small to medium businesses? Australia’s 2 million SMEs employ over half the country’s workforce, account for a third of the GDP, and are the lifeblood of communities around the country.

We all know an Aussie business owner. It could be your partner, your mother, brother, or the person you buy your morning coffee from. People start a business to be their own boss, pursue their passion and to showcase their skills. But the reality is very different…It’s long days, sleepless nights, non-existent weekends and endless financial admin.

For every sale, there is an invoice to fill, a staff member to pay and an expense to be reconciled. In fact, small businesses spend over 6 hours a week on financial admin. This equates to a staggering 42 days of wasted productivity every year.

About Thriday

Thriday is a revolutionary new product that combines everything a business needs into one seamless and automated solution. We have created a product that is the fastest way for small businesses to manage their banking, accounting and tax obligations.

In 2021, Thriday smashed crowdfunding records, raising $3 million in 3 days. This was followed by a Fintech Thriday $6 million pre-Series A led by NAB Ventures in 2022. Thriday now white labels its features and has exciting plans for expansion in SE Asia, Southern Africa and the Middle East.

Thriday acts like a CFO in your pocket, taking care of everything a business needs. Using the data and insights from a Thriday business bank account and debit card, Thriday offers intelligent value-adds like expense tracking, invoicing, tax forecasting, payroll and more. These tools help win back time for busy business owners, but more importantly, it allows them to plan for the future with real confidence.

These valuable features are made possible by our blank-sheet technical stack, which leverages AI & ML fed by a real-time stream of data from the core business bank account. No legacy systems, no antiquated bank technology - just a fresh new approach.

The Role

And that’s where you come in. We’re searching for a world-class Product Marketing Manager that shares in our vision to eliminate financial admin and help businesses succeed. We have a healthy level of product market fit, your job will be to help us scale and show the value of Thriday to many more small business owners. This will include learning from customers, promoting new and existing features and communicating the overall Thriday value proposition.

  • Deeply understand Thriday features and value proposition, buyer personas, competitors, and market landscape, and implement learnings across marketing and product.
  • Craft cohesive product messaging and value propositions at the feature level and manage end-to-end creative collateral for distribution.
  • Closely collaborate with product leadership and customer success to create alignment, ensure success, and meet growth goals.
  • Constantly work with customers to gather feedback, optimise the growth system, and grow the business.

Your Experience & Skills:

  • 2+ years as a Product Marketing Manager or Growth Marketing Manager, ideally working in a complex product with multiple key features
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Entrepreneurial approach and a can-do attitude
  • Systems thinker and result-driven with strong analytical skills
  • The ability to translate and craft compelling narratives of customer needs and market demand into positioning, messaging, content, and sales collateral
  • Proven experience in optimisation and growth from both inbound and outbound perspectives (including direct response and brand support)
  • Experience with building GTM strategies, marketing collateral, and collaborating with content and design managers
  • Exceptional project management skills
  • You thrive in ambiguity and on continuous learning
  • Eye for design and the ability to use Canva or Figma to create static ads and social posts for experimentation

Tools we currently utilise:

  • Webflow - publishing CMS
  • Grammarly - Editing and proofing
  • ChatGPT for ideation and help with content creation
  • Amplitude - SEO performance analytics and experiment reporting
  • GA4 - Secondary analytics
  • Figma - UI and UX design
  • Canva - Marketing collateral
  • Webflow - CMS

First 30 Days: Onboarding & Understanding

  • Dive Deep into the Product: Get hands-on with Thriday, understanding the ins and outs of all features, such as built-in bank accounts, automated bookkeeping, and tax forecasting. You should know the product as if you use it every day.
  • Market and Customer Deep Dive: Understand Thriday's target market, customer profiles, challenges and pain points, including speaking to customers and analysing existing customer feedback, surveys, and any available user data.
  • Team Integration: Meet with key team members across departments (customer success, product, tech) to understand workflows, challenges, and how you can support their goals.
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyse competitors and the broader market to identify opportunities and threats.

60 Days: Strategy Development & Initial Execution

  • Company go-to-market: Based on your learnings, review and optimise the company go-to-market strategy, including key channels, tactics for user acquisition, engagement, and retention, plus KPIs to measure success.
  • Content and Campaign Planning: Start planning and rolling out the company's go-to-market strategy. This will involve content marketing, social media engagement, targeted ads, and focusing on Thriday's unique value propositions.
  • Collaborate on Product Messaging: Work closely with the product team to refine messaging, ensuring it resonates with the target audience and communicates the benefits of Thriday.
  • Feedback Loops: Establish feedback mechanisms to gather insights from customers and internal teams to refine marketing strategies.

90 Days: Optimisation & Scaling

  • Measure and Optimise: Use the KPIs set in the 60-day plan to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns. Begin to iterate and optimise based on performance data.
  • Customer Success Stories: Identify and develop customer success stories from new companies, partnerships and trusts that can be used in marketing efforts to showcase the impact of Thriday on businesses.
  • Scale Successful Channels: Double down on marketing channels and tactics that have shown promise, reallocating resources as necessary to maximise growth.
  • Forward Planning: Start planning for the next quarter, setting more ambitious goals, exploring new marketing channels, and considering product feedback for upcoming features or improvements.

The key is to maintain a balance between learning, strategising, and executing throughout these phases. This approach ensures your efforts are grounded in a deep understanding of Thriday and our customers and agile enough to adapt to new insights and opportunities. Communication with your team and alignment with company OKRs are crucial throughout this process.

The Team

Thriday is currently a 30-person team worldwide with team members across Australia, Europe, South Africa, India and the Philippines.

You will be reporting to Justin Bohlmann, Head of Growth and collaborating with Thriday’s product team, customer success team and designers.

Thriday's Values

Driven by purpose

Helping businesses succeed is why we show up every day. We invest time into understanding what matters most in accomplishing our purpose, and use data to make sound decisions and determine the best course of action.

Committed to action

By setting clear goals we act with focus, determination, resilience and ownership to deliver our commitments. We keep moving forward in pursuit of the best outcomes and willingly take on worthwhile challenges.

Embrace ingenuity

We have the desire and autonomy to seek new ideas, try new things and take calculated risks that contribute to our customer’s success. We have ambition in our heart and always consider the possibilities, because what is good today won’t be good enough for tomorrow.

Continuous growth

Our enthusiasm to constantly learn, build knowledge and improve what we do means we can achieve anything. We grow together by tracking our performance, sharing constructive feedback, collectively adopting a growth mindset and see our mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. If we Thriday so will our customers.

In trust we thrive

We empower each other and our partners to perform with confidence and creativity, believing those who are closest to the decision will make the best decisions. We are always honest and transparent and expect the same in return and genuinely recognize the efforts and achievements of others. Trust bonds us together.

The Benefits

Thriday’s flexibility fuels excellence.

Work alongside a group of highly motivated individuals who are customer-driven and committed to a continuous growth mindset to deliver a world-class product solving real problems.

Thriday sees staff not just as employees, but rather values each team member as an individual with a personal life beyond work. Our remote-first approach to ways of working cultivates a healthy work-life balance for all.

  • 25 days of annual leave
  • 5 days of Life Leave: The extra 5 days per year intends to recognise times outside of sick or annual leave that deserve time off to nurture your well-being and support the individual as a whole.
  • Stock Options/Equity
  • $1,000 annual budget for professional development
  • $1,000 one-off working-from-home budget
  • Sydney and Melbourne IRL catch-ups
  • Bi-annual on-site team events
  • Coworking space access (Melbourne only)

We believe that diversity is critical to our success. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or marital, veteran, or disability status.

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