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Kiki Beckerleg

Beckerleg Carpentry Co.

Meet Customer Advisory Board Member, Kiki Beckerleg, who together with her husband Jimmy, are renovating a 1914 train carriage into accommodation.

Okay, we don't want to call it too early... but, this may be one of the coolest projects using Thriday.

Kiki Beckerleg is on our Customer Advisory Board, and together with her husband Jimmy, run Beckerleg Carpentry Co. who are transforming a train carriage into accommodation.

Hear more about their story:

"In early 2021 we had a baby (Blossom), and decided to reset our priorities for the rest of 2021 by focusing on what mattered to us.
Lifestyle, time management and a commitment to being there for each other as a family made us want to work together to achieve something for our future.

We are a fresh company, with our first project commencing mid-2021!"

Beckerleg Carpentry Co. was born out of a desire for doing things their own way. We love to see it!

Tell us more about your first project.

"Our first project is already an absolute dream. We're still pinching ourselves that it's the first one off the bat; the renovation of a 1914 'Red Rattler' train carriage into private accommodation in regional Victoria."

If this is project number one, we can't wait to see what's next!


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