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Paige Cross

Cross Country Management

Meet Paige. Paige is an industry leader when it comes to project management, facilitation and training, business coaching and support in the agriculture sector. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her clients, providing invaluable assistance that helps them reach their goals.

Hey Paige! How did Cross Country Management come to life?
"After working in the agricultural finance sector for many years, and then in Local Government, I started Cross Country Management as I was approached to manage a project with many stakeholders in Victoria. I had always aspired to working for myself and the stars aligned at the right time. From there it has developed and continues to refine its service provision."

What's your favourite thing about what you do?
"Working on a diverse range of projects and helping clients deliver a quality project. I especially enjoy how all of the project I work on, and clients I work for, are involved in the agricultural industry and that their projects are making a difference to farmers. Today I went to visit a soil pit in the Mallee which is vastly different to tomorrow's office day I have planned. I love that no 2 days are the same!"

What's your superpower?
"I am an excellent cat herder."

What's next for Cross Country Management?
"A period of consolidation but always with an eye out for a new project!"

What's your favourite thing about Thriday?
"I love I can scan receipts! But I especially enjoy using my business card to make business expenses direct from my business account."

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