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Elle Pendrick

Adulting Well

Meet Elle - The Compassionate Innovator Behind Adulting Well

We recently had the pleasure of delving into the inspiring story behind Adulting Well, a beacon of support and empowerment for individuals with chronic illness. Elle, the founder, opened up about her journey, the driving force behind her business, and her vision for the future. Here's a glimpse into Elle's world and the essence of Adulting Well:

What is Adulting Well?
Adulting Well stands as a sanctuary of learning for those managing chronic conditions, offering education, entertainment, and empowerment. Born from Elle's personal battles with chronic illness, it's a platform that transforms the daunting task of 'adulting' into an achievable and even enjoyable experience.

The Inception of Adulting Well
Elle's journey began with a personal narrative intertwined with the complexities of living with a chronic illness. With a lifetime of healthcare navigation and a determination to create a meaningful life against all odds, Elle founded Adulting Well. It's a platform designed to be a guiding light for the 30% of Australians under 50 living with chronic illness.

Elle's Favourite Aspect of Her Work
For Elle, the most rewarding part is seeing the tangible difference her work makes in people's lives like the transformation readers undergo after embracing the strategies in her "Your Ultimate Surgery Success Guide". It's about converting anxiety into empowerment and fostering a supportive community through blogs and social media.

Elle's Superpower
Practicality, fun, and deep empathy are the superpowers Elle brings to Adulting Well. With these tools, she's crafting a journey that's not just about surviving but thriving with chronic illness.

Looking Forward
The horizon for Adulting Well is bright with the upcoming launch of specialized courses focused on financial stability, career advancement, and emotional well-being for those with chronic conditions. Elle is also passionate about extending the reach of her "Your Ultimate Surgery Success Guide" to empower even more individuals.

Thriday and Adulting Well
Elle's anticipation for Thriday's automated payments mirrors her excitement for the platform's current functionality and stellar support. Thriday aligns perfectly with Adulting Well's mission, offering a seamless financial management experience.

Connect with Adulting Well
Discover more about Elle's ground-breaking work and join a growing community dedicated to turning life's challenges into victories at Adulting Well.

You can also follow Elle's journey and Adulting Well's updates on Instagram and Facebook.

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