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Amy Hart

Hart Virtual Services

Amy is an online business manager, focusing on Dubsado setups to help business owners automate & streamline their client onboarding processes.

Sunny Queenslander, Amy Hart, left a profession in medical administration to go out on her own and become her own boss. Hear about her story:

I was previously employed in medical administration, and after my husband starting working in a role that moved us around a lot, I couldn't have the typical '9-5' career and started exploring freelance options.

My skills in administration were directly transferable into a virtual assistant role, and since then I've honed my skills and now focus on the tech side of things in business.

I first started doing research online and found this incredible community of virtual assistants in Australia that I didn't even know existed. I joined a small group program to help go through the steps of building the business and after officially launching, within 3 months I had to quit my 9-5 so I could focus on my business and I was fully booked out within about 6 months, and the rest is history!

Accounts & bookkeeping are something I've always struggled with in my business (and I'm pretty tech savvy). I have always been super frustrated with the old school banking products out there that don't have any kind of automation for expenses/reconcilliation and tax and Thriday seems to be the holy grail for all of these things!

What is the best thing about your job?

The flexibility & variety.

I never felt like I fit in a 9-5 career, doing the same thing for the same people every day. This way I can work with different industries with different needs and I love the problem solving aspect of that. The flexibility is also a game changer, I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn and do the commute everyday (For those who know me I am not a morning person) and if I want to go work at a cafe, or get a change of scenery I'm not held down by that.

Amy's superpower?

Problem solving. I absolutely love helping clients fix and improve things in their business to make it easier for them and in turn better for their clients.

What's next for Hart Virtual Services?

I'm currently working on a suite of digital products to help business owners who would prefer to DIY get things automated in their business.


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