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Sam Ikin

Ikin Media

Tasmanian native, Sam Ikin, had us at "hello" with his charm and captivating voice. It was no surprise to us when we discovered he was in the media industry with expertise in audio production.

Meet Sam!

We recently ran a user testing session with Sam, and found his story so fascinating that we had to share it with you. Sam runs a media company, and speaks on multiple podcasts. You can hear a snippet of his sweet timbre on the Butterfly: Let's Talk podcast.

Hey Sam! What does your business do?
Ikin Media produces engaging audio experiences for customers using traditional storytelling techniques combined with the latest in digital technology.

When did you start Ikin Media?
I launched Ikin Media in 2019, a broadcasting business, utilising my decades of traditional journalism experience for the modern digital world.

That's awesome. Tell us about how your business came to life.
Anyone can be a broadcaster these days, you don't need to be attached to a legacy corporation. I'd been thinking about how I could do it on my own for a some time when my 20 year long career in journalism was belted with budget cuts and some rotten luck. It was the push I needed so I started talking to potential clients and they just kept accepting my proposals.

After more than two years I'm as busy as I've ever been and I'm working on building a team! It's hasn't been easy but Ikin Media is exactly where it needs to be to continue to grow and disrupt.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?
I love being in control of the stories that we tell. I'm doing the work that I love but I'm doing it my way.

We think you're super; but what do you believe is your superpower?
Authentic curiosity. It lets me lose myself in a story. Being fully engaged in the story you're telling, knowing that it's worthy of attention, creates an indefinable quality that draws the audience in.

Whats next for Ikin Media?
I need to build a team that I trust so we can crate more amazing stories. At the moment, I'm at full capacity. For the business to grow, I need to allow some brilliant colleagues in on the game. I'm working on that now.

What are you looking forward to most about Thriday?
Having everything in one place will be amazing. While my current providers all do a great job, they don't necessarily work well together. Thrive promises an effortless solution so I can spend more time on the things that I'm good at.

I'm just so happy to have found Thriday. This is exactly the sort of business I want to support.

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