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Jess Franklin

Rise Coaching

Meet Jess Franklin, Founder of Rise Coaching, who is really great at holding a safe and non-judgemental space for people to explore themselves and grow.

We would know; Jess coaches the Thriday team!

In late 2019, Melbourne-based Jess Franklin, launched a startup called 'Rise Relationships'. Rise started as a 'self-therapy' platform for couples, where he would deliver therapeutic tools and workshops for couples to do on their own terms during weekly date nights.

"This lead to being asked to facilitate discussions between co-founders about their alignment and co-founder agreements. I started coaching one of these founders regularly in late 2020, and have been building my coaching practice ever since, focusing primarily on startup founders," said Jess.

"I believe that much of this life is about sharing the gifts we've been given, and listening to and understanding people is that gift for me. It also aligns with my belief that most of the issues in the world stem from a lack of human development - that if we all developed our compassion, awareness, and way that we relate to each other in a healthy and empowered way, it would solve most humanity and the plant's issues on a systemic level. This is the work I live to do."

Jess has been coaching a number of the Thriday staff since early 2021, and the feedback has been very positive and encouraging.

Jaala Alex, Thriday's Community Manager, says "Jess supports me as a whole individual. I really feel I can talk to Jess about anything: work, relationships, family, mental health. Whatever is going on for me, he listens with open ears and heart. Ultimately, I know that my personal growth will help me to grow professionally so it really feels like a holistic experience."

What is Jess most looking forward to about Thriday?

"I might be good at making money for other people, but I suck at managing my own.

Having support around my tax, super, and invoicing will be a DREAM."

Hey Jess, did you know that dreams come true?!

What's next for Rise?

"To have a self-sustaining coaching business by the end of 2021. I currently work 2-3 days/week in growth marketing to 'pay the bills'."

We think small business owners are superheroes.

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