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Jodie Hayes

Scout For Vintage

We caught up with Jodie, who owns the coolest store in the town of Torquay in Victoria. Hear about how she started her business:

What is Scout For Vintage?

We offer a large range of quality vintage denim products that can be tailored to fit your own specific body. We also turn unused vintage denim into new designer denim products through our brand 'White Label'

How did Scout For Vintage begin?

I've always loved collecting vintage jeans for their unrivalled quality and fit, however the problem with vintage fashion, is nothing comes in size breaks which can be really disappointing when you've finally found the jeans of your dreams only to find its the wrong size! Having happened to me countless times, I've always been able to lean into my skills and experience in fashion design and construction to ensure I never missed out. I began to notice vintage denim had been under huge demand since consumers were and are becoming more conscious and mindful of sustainable alternatives. This paved the way for me to share my huge passion for vintage denim to an ever growing community, and allow inclusivity into the vintage market.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

I love turning the old into something new and useful. Taking something that has been passed off as 'unwanted' into brand new product (while still showing off the past through the amazing wash or detail you only find in vintage)

What's your superpower?

Showing people that EVERYONE can look great in a pair of jeans, you just might need a bit of guidance to the best fit for you

What's next for Scout For Vintage?

We plan to continue taking jeans out of landfill and educating people that there is no need to ever purchase brand new jeans ever again. We are hoping to expand our own denim brand White Label to be more accessible to more people who'd like to enjoy their jeans without any environmental guilt.

What are you loving most about using Thriday?

I'm looking forward to the confidence I will find in feeling my finances are in check while eliminating any nasty surprises.

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