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Lauren Deuble

All Wrapped Up VA

A dear friend once saw Lauren's colour-coded calendar and told her she should start a business as a Virtual thing you know, All Wrapped Up VA was born.

Meet Lauren – the heart and soul of All Wrapped Up VA.

Lauren lives in Brisbane and has a passion for everything administration! Her business was brought to life in September 2021, providing business administration support to SMEs.

We asked her favourite thing about what she does. She said, "I love that I get to support other wonderful Aussie business owners. I have the best clients. They value my work for them, and I get the satisfaction of knowing I made their job a little easier."

How did All Wrapped Up VA come to life?
"I'm an administration freak. I have years of work experience in administration, and I'm decent at it. Six years after having my first child, I was still unable to get back into the workforce due to family circumstances. My dear friend looked at my family's colour-coded calendar and told me I should start a business as a VA. At that point in time, I thought VAs were those robot receptionists! Turns out I was wrong. Thankfully! Within weeks I had started and completed a course, found my first client and started my business! The rest is herstory 😉"  

What's next for the business?
As my children will both be at school next year, I hope to be able to increase the hours that I can work for my clients and take on an employee or two!"

If Lauren had superpowers, she would be wearing wings of excitement and drive – with these wings, she loves to help get her clients' ideas's why:

" A really cool thing about me is that I can take someone's idea and run with it. To the point where I'm flying. I get so excited at the potential I see in their idea, just like with Thriday. I see so much potential and such an amazing platform to support other businesses.

Once someone asks for my input or pitches something new to me, I'm all in and keen as a bean to get their idea up off the ground."

We asked Lauren, 'What are you looking forward to most about Thriday?'

Her answer is so amazing we just had to share it!
"I can't wait for automated payments. But for now, I am LOVING how easy Thriday is to use. The support from the team at Thriday is next level, and I'm loving its functionality."

Interested in what All Wrapped Up VA do? Reach out to Lauren here:
Head over to here to check it out:

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