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Liam Shaw


Meet Liam Shaw, Co-founder of Wrappr, a super unique outdoor advertising company who connects brands with the perfect people to promote them in their local area.

Hey Liam! What does Wrappr do?
"Wrappr is pioneering the advocate out-of-home advertising category. Through Wrappr, everyday people earn an extra income becoming advocates for brands by driving like normal with a wrap on their car."

When did you start Wrappr?
"We started Wrappr in 2017, and worked on it in our spare time until 2021 when we left our jobs and went full time."

I was working at a food delivery scaleup, Foodora, and the marketing team there wanted to run a car wrapping campaign. This was a new form of advertising and I liked the sharing economy element of it, so I, together with my brother Jonte, proposed that we run the campaign for Foodora.

We recruited 20 people for the campaign by posting ads and cold calling people on gumtree, and managed to get 20 cars wrapped in bright pink branding and have them on the road for 6 months!

It was fun experience, but what made us see the potential for Wrappr was the sales growth that Foodora experienced from the campaign. The results were incredible, and were significantly better than the growth they were getting from the other advertising they were running.

We also saw first hand the social impact the company had made by providing a significant extra income to 20 people for 6 months. So, we decided to commit to making Wrappr a reality and taking it to its full potential!"

What's the best thing about your job?
"Getting to work with my brother Jonte and partner Nicole, on something we created out of nothing is pretty awesome."

Liam, what's your super power?

I’m not afraid to look like a bit of a fool in the pursuit of a good idea.

What are you most looking forward to about Thriday?

Spending less time doing accounting, and more time improving Wrappr.

What's next for Wrappr?

Scaling up in Australia!

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