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Matt Perrott


Matt Perrott is on a mission to build a super user-friendly software that makes construction sites safer.

The idea for BuildPass came in November 2020, and the first couple of months were spent doing tonnes of customer interviews in the industry and assembling prototypes for feedback. Matt and his team started coding the platform in early 2021, and released their MVP with trial users in May 2021.

"I've always been interested in construction tech, as I love construction and am obsessed with user-friendly software. I was first introduced to construction tech working as a corporate advisor, where I was exposed to the huge opportunities in the space," said Matt.

"More recently, on many occasions over a beer at the pub, my construction mates would complain about the inefficiencies caused by safety paperwork. I ended up calling hundreds (literally!) of people, and learned that safety often wasn't prioritised as it's difficult and time-consuming to administrate."

It was after these hundreds of conversations that Matt recognised that this seemed like a solvable problem and one worth solving. We reckon he was onto something!

Matt reached out to his previous manager at REA to see if he was interested in building it with him. Matt and Aaron had worked on a non-profit project together outside of work and knew they made a strong team.

Matt discussed: "Aaron and I have been obsessed with ensuring our product is user-friendly and really resonates with our target market."

"It's not about just building a product to make a construction site compliant, our vision is to actually improve safety by making the process more engaging and intuitive. As such, we've been very particular about our early customers, and are working with six companies very closely to refine the product before we open it up to the general public."

We love the immediate feedback we get on what we're building.

It's an amazing feeling when a customer lets you know about a problem in their business, staying up late to develop a solution, and then delivering that solution the next day.

What are the team looking forward to with using Thriday?

Neither Aaron or I like managing the finances, so we're looking forward to using a product that automates our processes and does the heavy lifting.

We're also obsessed with user experience, so we can't wait to use a product that looks and feels great.

We think small business owners are superheroes.

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