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Alex & Chris Naoumidis

Mindset Health

Meet Alex & Chris: two brothers on a mission to help others.

Mindset Health uses the power of hypnotherapy to improve the lives of those with mental health challenges and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Hypnotherapy is no joke. Just ask the thousands of Mindset Health users whose lives have been impacted for the better with the app.

In early 2018 Mindset Health was founded. By March the app hit 1,000 downloads in 1 week and was voted "App of the day" by Apple.

Mindset Health then went through Australia's best accelerator program, Startmate, and onto the world's best, Y Combinator, in the States. The team has raised a total of $1.1million (so far) and now boasts a team of 12.

Impressed yet?

Mindset Health has two products: Mindset for managing mental health and Nerva for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Mindset helps you manage your anxiety, depression & negative thoughts through science-backed hypnotherapy.


Nerva helps you self-manage your IBS symptoms through science-backed gut-directed hypnotherapy.


We caught up with the brothers to find out what was on the horizon:

"We're launching a program for Menopause! Helping women manage and reduce the frequency of hot flushes. Keep your eyes peeled!"

The Mindset Health team are looking to be one of the first Thriday users:

"We're looking forward to using a Business Account that's built from the ground up to support small businesses & startups.

Being digital-first and having features that automate a lot of the monotonous work will save me hours a month and allow me to focus on the more important things involved in running a tech startup."

We think small business owners are superheroes.

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