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Rebecca Lay

Yunizon Eyewear

Meet Rebecca (Bec) Lay
Aussie-born, New York-native, and the co-founder of Yunizon Eyewear:

The only sunglass brand to offer three headwidths in every style, and non-slip nosepads on every frame.

Originally from Melbourne, Bec Lay, is now based in New York building an eyewear empire without gender, just style. With the customer's needs front-of-mind, the Yunizon brand makes you feel good in your fit. Their sunglasses have three different widths to choose from and anti-slip nosepads on every frame. You can do you with confidence and comfort.

Hear from Bec about how Yunizon was born:

Through a mutual friend I met my now co-founder, Kim, over some unassuming glasses of bourbon. It quickly became clear that she was the perfect person to be my co-pilot on an entrepreneurship adventure. Kim had 15 years in eyewear design/production and we both had issues with finding sunglasses that fit. It's actually a huge underserved market. It made sense to combine our unique skill sets, create the perfect storm and build something relevant. We shared the idea of building something new for our diverse society and to help promote individuality. Yunizon was born with the intention to find a fit for those who struggled to find sunglasses that fit and allow customers a chance to shop without conforming to stereotypical gender roles.

Yunizon co-founders, Kim and Bec, continuously promote the importance of mental health.

As new mothers juggling unforgiving corporate careers, to dealing with personal loss and chronic pain, what they have learned is that a balanced state of mind is crucial.

We’ve all had people in our lives suffer through a mental health crisis, yet most don’t get the care they need. Let’s erase the stigma together.

Yunizon hopes to be part of the change by donating 5% of profits to mental health charities, National Alliance on Mental Illness and Beyond Blue.


The team at Yunizon are most excited by the Thriday insights and dashboards, which will allow them to make better business decisions.

"We're also really excited to plug into a network of other small businesses!"

We think small business owners are superheroes.

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