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Anthony Mazzei

Erin Living

You’ve met Siri and Alexa.

It's time to meet Erin.

Remember when a village was a village? A residential community was all about connection. For those who have experienced modern apartment living, that's not always the sentiment.

Erin Living is a Proptech (Real estate software) company that was founded in Melbourne, in 2018.

The team have build a resident experience company; paving the way towards the enhancement of liveability and sustainability in built environments. Their super clever app improves the lifestyles of apartment residents by providing simple solutions to everyday problems. The vision is to create environmentally and financially sustainable buildings that promote wellness and human connection.

We caught up with the founder, Anthony Mazzei recently to find out more about Erin:

"The business came to life when my Co-founder Thomas found a niche in the market he worked in for 15 years, apartment sales and marketing. We then researched the market and found that nobody was servicing apartment building residents successfully. That's where we stepped in."

Buildings powered by Erin become vibrant, connected communities, operating as self-sufficient ecosystems. This delivers significant benefits to all involved, including property developers, building managers, owners’ corporations, and most importantly: apartment owners and residents.

The Erin Living key features include:

  • Smart parcel delivery
  • Building manager chat
  • Booking a move
  • Amenity bookings
  • Building knowledge
  • Defect management
  • Building news
  • Touchless access (coming soon!)

The Erin Living team are excited to be one of Thriday's early adopters.

"We can't wait to access the simplicity, automation and accuracy that the Thrive platform can provide. We want to remove human tasks and errors and generate more efficiency managing our business finances."

We think small business owners are superheroes.

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