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The Ferns

The Fat Goat

The Ferns really love beer.
So they made a micropub.

Ian and Helena Fern have a team of 8 staff at their micropub, The Fat Goat, located in Upwey, Melbourne.

A micropub, you ask? Yes, it's a thing! Helena describes:

"This is a British concept of a small (micro) pub hidden in the tiniest of venues in the most unsuspecting of towns. A micropub is owner-operated and dedicated to serving independently owned craft beer and beverages. There is even a Micropub Association in the UK with the principle of 'Good ale and good banter' that listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks!"

Ian was pining to get out of the corporate 9-5 and make his passion for beer a career. Before long, an opportunity came up to buy a little bar in Upwey, two towns away from where they live in the Dandenong Ranges. So, the couple jumped in head first, purchasing the business, renovating it and bringing some of that much loved English charm to the little gem in the hills.

The Fat Goat specialises in independently owned, small batch craft beer, gin and natural wines.

"We think products made with the sweat, tears and love of passionate small business owners has an energy that just makes you feel good about the world. As soon as a brand becomes too big or is bought out, it loses that authenticity. So we love getting really unique, highly creative products to the hills for our local community to enjoy. All wrapped up in a warm, well loved environment with an amazing crew."

"Our products rotate so quickly that knowing you'll get something different every time you come in is a real draw for our community. We always aim to surprise - we host music, beverage and food events. People feel like The Fat Goat is the home of a best friend who you know is going to welcome you with open arms, cheer you up and guarantee a good time. That's not just down to us but to the incredible team we have around us that always make everyone feel welcome and worthy.

You can be anyone at the Fat Goat and feel included."

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