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Nicola Benson

Beautifully Authentic

What is Beautifully Authentic?

I formulate and hand make luxurious sustainable clean skincare for sensitive skin.

How did Beautifully Authentic begin?

I started the business officially in November 2020, but I had been selling my products to friends and their friends for a couple of years before. But more people became interested so I decided to make it official.

I have been making my own skincare since the late 90's when I studied Beauty Therapy in college after I finished school. I was using high end salon products at work but felt like they just didn't deliver what I wanted for my skin, as it always broke out. So making my own products just came naturally to me. Then in my mid-late 20's I went to uni and studied Environmental Science and learnt more in depth about chemistry, and the environmental impacts of all of the choices we make everyday. So then I delved into soap making, and other sustainable skincare.

It wasn't until I became a mother that I really lost myself within sensitive skin research and nourishing repairing ingredients for really sensitized skin. I discovered a niche, because I couldn't find what I needed to help my daughters skin, and using my skills I developed unique Moisturiser Bars and soaps that care for sensitive skin. I also wanted the packaging to be waste free, so that no footprint was left, as I especially have a deep hatred of single use plastic and the misinformation of recycling it.

I wanted to support charities that were repairing and conserving the environment and it’s vulnerable inhabitants, and I wanted to ensure the ingredients I chose were clean, organic , ethical and with the least environmental damage caused by the farming and producing of the ingredient. It turns out, many people felt the same way as myself about sustainability and environmental responsibility, and were looking for truly authentic skincare that really did what it was meant to do for their skin. And that’s when I decided to make this more than just a side hustle whilst also being a stay at home mother.

What's your superpower?

Being creative and being immersed in the love of learning.  My business is a combination of science and art, and these both bring me so much joy.

What are you loving about Thriday?

I love the simplicity of the app, and how I can create all these accounts to manage my money. I am looking forward to the travel tracker and being able to submit my tax return through the app also. These will be be extremely time saving for me, and will take away a lot of complication.

What's next for Beautifully Authentic?

I would like my brand to be the go-to for eco conscious skincare lovers who still want luxury as well as sustainability. To be stocked in places like Mecca,  Sephora, or Harrods is the next aim (which would be pretty bloody huge for this starry eyed small business), after I have developed a couple more unique and stand out products to rock the beauty industry.

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