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For Heavens Cake

Olivia makes beautiful bespoke cakes for special occasions in Melbourne.

How did For Heavens Cake come to life?
I started my business in 2016 while still at school. It was always a passion of mine and one day hoped I would work for myself full time. I started very slowly, family and friends only and the cakes were rather average. I slowly began to increase the amount of work I took on from home in between working three jobs in different bakeries/ cake decorating shops. The business grew quicker than expected which I am so grateful for and lead me to quitting two of my other jobs. In September of 2021 I Was ready to go solo, so quit my last shop job and began For Heavens Cake- by Olivia. It has been hectic ever since and I can't be any more blessed.

My business was built mainly through passion. It was the only dream I've ever had. Lots of experimenting, learning my own techniques, putting my thoughts into action of how I can create and 'build' cakes.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?
My favourite thing about my work is seeing the joy on my customers faces when they've come to collect their cake. I create a large variety of styles but my favourite are novelty/children's cakes. There is absolutely nothing better than making a little child so happy on their special day.

What's your superpower, Olivia?
My organisation, patience and the ability to stay calm under pressure! This job can get wild, every single order requires time and focus and strong communication with the customer. It's so important to stay calm (unless it's a big crisis) and just get the job done. At the end of the day, my business performance is a reflection of me.

What are you enjoying about Thriday?
Gosh, Thriday is amazing! I love how easy it is to use. I am a visual learner, not a book worm, so the bookkeeping side of my job has always daunted me. Thriday has completely taken the stress and anxiety away of learning how to do to ALL of it. It's SO easy to understand and use and saves me so much time. I love that it takes me 30 seconds to send an invoice. I have all my receipts in the one space, multiple accounts that makes it so easy to sort my income. Thriday makes me feel like I am in control of my business.

What's next for the business?
At the moment I am at complete capacity as to how much work I can take on weekly, so I guess the next step is to hire a little buddy that can help me! I still plan on working from home for the time being, so I won't be looking into a shop at the moment, but growing my cliental and weekly orders I am excited for!

Check out Olivia's gram here.

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