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Sarah Mills-Krutilek


Sarah (SMK) Mills-Krutilek is the CEO and Fonder of Pathmint, a consultancy company focused on People and Talent.

What does your business do?
"We advise startups on the best Talent, People and Retention strategies."

What does your business do?
I started Pathmint in 2018 as a way to assist startups who were reaching out to me for assistance in getting their talent program ramped up.

A friend who was working on a stealth startup reached out to me to see if I could assist them in hiring an Engineering team. Having managed the Global Talent Team at companies like Twitter and Dropbox I had a good idea of what was necessary to build a best-in-class talent team. At the time there were few talent offerings to early-stage startups that wouldn't break the bank."

What excites you about Thriday?
"We were so happy to partner with Thriday. We assisted in the hiring of some early team members on the Engineering team. We think Thriday has the magic combination of great leadership, product market fit and a stellar team."

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

"I love talking to people and learning about their career journeys. I have interviewed thousands of candidates at this point in my career and I am always amazed by people's resilience, courage and joy they receive in their careers."

What's your superpower?

After a lot of interviews, I can usually determine if a candidate is going to be a good fit for a company in about 3 minutes."

What's next for Pathmint?

"Our team has been growing and we have some amazing Talent Partners and Advisors who have joined us from amazing places like Google, Airbnb, Waymo and LinkedIn. We also have enjoyed investing in the startups that we work with and have established the Pathmint Seed Fund."

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