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Dean Tavener


Meet, Dean Tavener, the co-founder of Australia’s most eco-friendly period products.

For offices, schools, universities... and hopefully, everywhere.

Why is it that in most shared bathrooms, you are provided with basic sanitary needs: hand wash, hand towels, toilet bowl protectors, sanitiser, sometimes even deodorant. But, those who menstruate (half the population!) aren't provided with products to cover basic needs.

Based in Sydney, Nina Tavener co-owns social enterprise Pixii with her husband Dean. Pixii supplies Australia's most eco-friendly pads and tampons to for workplaces, schools and universities. This allows progressive sites to provide period products, along with every other basic sanitary supply, creating gender-equal bathrooms.

Can I get a hell yea?

The business was founded in 2020. Dean retells the beginning of their journey:

"My co-founder went to a women's business conference. A topic of discussions was getting caught out at work without a pad or tampon when one was needed. She had thought it was just her, but about 3000 women at this audience put their hand up to having experienced this. The solution is so simple - we just need to provide (eco-friendly) period products in bathrooms like any other fundamental hygiene product, and staff will feel more supported and not have to leave work to get basic sanitary needs. So we started making that easy for businesses."

The team have since created the most eco-friendly period product business in the country! The Pixii products are organic cotton, the packaging is all recycled, recyclable, biodegradable (or a combination of all three!), and they are about to be certified carbon positive across the whole organisation, too.

Needless to say, the Pixii team are kicking goals!

Dean signed up to Thrive to take some of the repetitive work out of running this business. We hope that by using the Thrive product, the team can spend less time managing their finances, and more time distributing their product!

What's next for Pixii?

"We're talking with several large prospects, each of whom are considering rolling Pixii out nationally to their offices, and one government department considering a State-wide rollout for all their institutions."

Soon you'll be seeing Pixii in every building!

We think small business owners are superheroes.

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