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Renate Halleen

Kinetic Massage and Body Work

🔆 Member Spotlight: Kinetic Massage and Body Work

We had the pleasure of speaking with Renate, the driving force behind the renowned Kinetic Massage and Body Work located in the Northern Gold Coast. Dive into her journey and insights:

What is Kinetic Massage and Body Work?

At Kinetic Massage and Body Work, I specialise in Remedial and Sports Massage alongside Functional Myofascial stretch therapy. I've dedicated myself to assisting individuals in living pain-free, optimal lives.

How did Kinetic Massage and Body Work come to be?

From the beginning, I felt an innate pull towards the health industry, but determining my specific path was challenging. With a background as a caregiver to my four sons on the spectrum, hands-on care was a calling I couldn't ignore. Upon trying Massage therapy and subsequently completing my diploma, I discovered my passion for this modality. It's been an exciting journey since then, with continuous learning, growth, and evolution in my skills. I've also consecutively been a business award finalist for two years, marking commitment and dedication.

What's your favourite aspect of your work?

Beyond assisting individuals in alleviating pain, I cherish the moments of laughter and positivity I can bring into their lives. Being upfront and optimistic, I not only help them physically but also uplift their spirits.

What's your superpower?

I have a knack for stretching people of various sizes and shapes, almost turning them into pretzels! It's a unique skill that brings a touch of humour and amazement to our sessions.

What’s on the horizon for Kinetic Massage and Body Work?

Looking to the future, I am enthusiastic about scaling up the business. I'm eager to share the knowledge I've accumulated over the years and mentor others in this journey, ensuring they, too, are financially well-equipped.

How has Thriday influenced your business journey?

Embracing the 'Profit First' system has been a significant part of my financial strategy. Thriday has streamlined this process by consolidating all our accounts in one place. Its intuitive design has made financial management so efficient that I've even recommended it to my son for his business expenditures.

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For a closer look at Kinetic Massage and Body Work and regular updates, visit the website or follow us on our socials: @KineticMassageGoldCoast & @Kinetic_Massage_Bodywork.

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