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Richard Siganto

iSponsor / GiveShop

Meet Richard Siganto, the Founder of iSponsor, a company that raises money for groups fundraising through everyday spending.

How did iSponsor come to life?
"I was asked to partake in a cash back app after losing everything in a prior business. I did not like the way the discount was paid back and thought it would be tough to retain users with the amount of competition. Around the same time someone mentioned, "if you can raise money for footy clubs and help with sponsorship you will do plenty of good," so there was the birth of iSponsor."

What's your favourite thing about what you do?
"I get to help people and make an impact. Bringing a dream to life is pretty special and when you are doing positive things it is even better."

What's your superpower?
"I don't slow down. I am 100% authentic, I am completely vulnerable, and way over the top at times."

What's next for iSponsor?
"World domination. The world needs saving. We want to help that."

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