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Ryan Drake

Drake Consulting

Meet Ryan, a software developer and marketer turned business coach who went out on his own in 2020 to start Drake Consulting.

How did Drake Consulting come to life?
"Software developer and marketer turned business coach, I've worked on projects with leading brands in Australia and abroad across sectors. Some of those brands have included Coles, Flight Centre, Fiji Airways, Brisbane Airport Corporate, Tatts, yourtown, New South Wales Government and Destination Gold Coast."

What's your favourite thing about what you do?
"The breakthroughs and transformations my clients experience! Relationship problems are often disguised as business problems, so seeing people experience personal breakthroughs in their relationships is huge win."

You can listen to some testimonials about Ryan's work here:

What's your superpower?
"Presence. Understanding that "the problem" is very rarely the problem, so being able to navigate the complexities of business/life/personal overlap to deliver results where clients feel heard, seen and supported."

What's next for Drake Consulting?
"Scale internationally and work with businesses in the US. I love New York and have investments in the US, so travelling back and forth is something I look forward to."

What are you most looking forward to about Thriday?

"I am so excited about the company access. I've already been referring Thriday to existing clients who've signed up. I'm also an investor through Birchal campaign."

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