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Simon Murphy

Meet Simon Murphy, who created a platform called that simplifies creativity and commerce for sports clubs.

Hey Simon, can you tell us what does?
We created an image generator that enables a sports club at any level to create professional social media posts by just entering basic information without needing any design or social media skills. We also help clubs upload all of their sponsorship packages to digitise payments and promote their offering to potential business partners.

How did come to life?
Once we transitioned into the reality of living in a pandemic, online channels were the only way people could connect with their sports teams.
I’ve always been obsessed with real time sports scores and information. Social media has become the best place to stay up to date with the latest information for clubs at any level, not just professional teams.

However, a professional team has a team of designers and social media experts to create and distribute content, whereas many community clubs are run by volunteers. Most community clubs also have a reasonable following on their social media channels, so we wanted to create a solution that enables clubs to quickly create ‘professional club level’ social media content, while promoting their sponsors.

Most sports clubs need help managing social media and sponsorship. They are both tasks that require some sort of specialised skills or experience, and even then they’re still difficult tasks to complete manually. We believe that Trophie can be a platform that centralises these tasks in one place for multiple members at the club to manage, and to seamlessly enable staff to transition in and out of the club.

We started with a basic MVP that enabled clubs to create a type of post for an upcoming game or full time score that they could customise with their own colours and logo and download an image to post to their social media page. We started to see clubs around the world start using it in a range of sports, and we’ve since built out a real time image generator with over 250 templates created by professional sports designers, and have a simple interface to upload sponsorship opportunities that can be purchased online.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?
Sport is one of the best community building activities in the world. It’s incredible to watch our users leverage the power of our platform and transform their social media design and increase their ability to attract new sponsors.

My favourite thing is randomly seeing our designs on social media from overseas clubs. It shows how amazing tech and sports can be when you create an online platform that clubs all over the world are able to utilise.

What's your superpower?
Helping people realise they can achieve big things.

What are you looking forward to about Thriday?

Simplified finance all in one place.

What's next for

We have around 1,000 clubs on the platform, next year we want to help over 10,000 grow their social media presence and sponsorship revenue.

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