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Amy Silver

The Dough Co.

When life gives you lemons... or a global pandemic... what else is there to do but bake cookies?

Amy Silver and her father are thriving through adversity, all while putting smiles on their customer's faces.

When we talk to prospective customers, and they ask what industries will use Thriday, the answer is any.

"Tradies, hairdressers, cookie makers...". No word of a lie.

We're thrilled to share the story of Amy Silver and her father who started The Dough Co. in April this year. Read on to find out about their incredible journey:

"My Dad owns a corporate catering company that services the CBD and it has been hit hard by the pandemic. Unfortunately, it has been closed for most of 2020 and 2021."

We wanted to start a business that would help keep the catering company staff employed."

What's the saying? When life gives you lemons... bake cookies? Close enough.

"The idea came to us when our family got swept up by the baking craze that hit Melbourne during the prolonged lockdown at the back end of 2020. We then thought, what if ready to bake products weren’t just confined to a lockdown activity, and instead could bring families together with a fun, mess free activity.

I went to buy premium cookie dough at the supermarket, but couldn’t find anything. This was our ‘AHA’ moment. The whole family chipped in, with everyone helping to develop the recipes and taste test the flavours. 6 months later we had perfected all our flavours, developed the website and got our branding down pat."

My favourite thing about what I do is spending time with my Dad. We both love each other’s company and have so much fun running this business together. We both have very unique skill sets and it is great to have someone with so much experience in the food industry to bounce ideas off. The taste testing aspect isn’t so bad either!

How did you find out about Thriday?

Michael Nuciforo, Thriday CEO, gave a presentation to the Accelerator cohort which I'm participating in currently through my affiliation with Monash University. I loved the product and signed up to the waitlist!

How will Thriday help you run your business?

At the moment - everything for us is all over the place. I would love to be able to track all our outgoings and incomings in one easy place!

Hey Amy! What's your superpower?

When you are a founder, you have to be a generalist and know a lot about everything. My superpower is identifying what I don't know and then finding myself a mentor or expert in that area who can help guide me. I have been very lucky to have so many mentors believe in me and The Dough Co. - who have gone above and beyond to provide their assistance and volunteer their time!

What's next for The Dough Co.?

We are currently on the hunt for stockists and a distribution partner. We want to be in 100+ stores in Melbourne and then expand across Australia!

We think small business owners are superheroes.

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