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Thomas Bedward

Broken 8 Records

Hey Thomas! What is Broken 8 Records?

Online music marketing, record store, and label.

How did your business come to life?

I was always incredibly passionate about music, finding new artists, and exploring new styles. I realised that there were so many impressive, independent bands that bigger music sites and platforms were ignoring, so I wanted to create a space for them. I began Broken 8 Records to help promote and publicise new bands, giving them a spotlight where other people could stream and enjoy their music. I also wanted to build on my passion for vinyl records, trying to create an online store that could feature the artists' work, and also creating a space where I could produce unique pressing for bands.

What's your favourite thing about what you do?

My favourite thing would be the variety, getting in touch with all these amazing bands and artists and helping them grow. It's wonderful to find these massively talented artists, connect with them, and be a small part of their journey.

What are you loving about Thriday?

I really love the automation and peace of mind it brings, being able to focus on the music while Thriday takes care of the rest.

What's next for Broken 8 Records?

I'm currently looking to expand our record store and pressings, working with more artists to bring their music to vinyl. In the future, I would love have my own physical store and pressing plant, along with a live venue where we can showcase new and rising artists.

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