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Nicole Tj


Learn how Nicole has taken 25 years' worth of learnings from her career as a professional concert pianist and used them as her superpowers to disrupt tech in the travel industry.

We caught up with Nicole, the owner of Travis, the most visually pleasing and truly collaborative travel planner you've ever seen.

What is Travis?

"Travis is building a platform for Gen Zs and millennials to plan and book trips - from social recommendations they trust, in a few clicks. Creators earn, and brands get authentic reach to young consumers."

How did Travis come to be?

"My partner and co-founder Thomas and I love travel but planning and booking is painful. While social recommendations are the biggest influence on consumer travel spend, it still takes 90 days to go from inspiration to booking. Inspiration is scattered. You're switching between social media, maps, group chats, messy notes, booking links and Google tabs - tools that don't connect. And the decision-making process is drawn out. We found ourselves lying on the floor the night before our trip asking, "Why can't I just book what I see when I want?" And Travis was born."

What is your favourite thing about what you do?  

"Pursuing our own dream, building something that has the potential to change how we travel and bringing joy to people who we work with. But most of all, my favourite thing is conversations with users who share how much they've enjoyed using Travis to plan their trips and share so much of our joy and belief that they start to bring their own ideas to the table."

What’s your superpower?

What I mean by that is grit: the ability to go in every day even when facing challenges.  
Reflective: able to objectively look at what I do and critically make adjustments. Learn: understanding things take time and foundations are important.  
Dream: to pursue a common goal that is more than just the function itself.
Finally, adaptation: adapting and applying what I've learnt in my 25 years of concert pianist life to other professions."

What makes you excited about Thriday?

"None of us really fell in love with accounting, so we're looking forward to having all financial tools in one place - and finally using something that feels good!"  

What’s next for Travis?

"Focus on collaborative planning and enabling travel creators with the tools they need to be successful. We believe that Travis has the potential to change how a new generation travels, becomes a voice for others, and earns a sustainable income."

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