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Zac McDonell

Different Digital

“As the pandemic began to settle in business owners started to realise the necessity of having a high-performing website and I noticed it was extremely difficult for business owners to get great results through their business without paying an arm and a leg to an inefficient agency and I created Different Digital to change that”

Meet Zac!

After successfully getting Different Digital up and running in mid 2020, Zac can reflect on what is his favourite thing about his business - “Solving problems is a big driver for me and I love seeing the transformation story after a business has found success online with our services!”  

The next chapter and goal for Different Digital is hiring another person to start to really scale the business! Watch this space, this Brisbane based, web design & development business, Different Digital is getting ready to grow!

Zac is super excited to be up and running on Thriday! Want to know what he is most excited about? Wait no more.... his answer is right here: “The tax and receipt side - Handling all of that in one place was a really big standout feature for me!”  

Not all superheroes wear capes.... some have hidden superpowers. Zac’s superpower is Persistence. “I don't think I'd be where I was today without it - because let's be real, sometimes running a business solo can be pretty shit, I hope to take on more clients with bigger problems and hopefully make a big impact on the web design and development space.”

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