Thriday Financial Services Guide

Purpose and Contents of this Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is prepared and issued by Team Thrive Pty Ltd ACN 649 001 383 (Thriday, Representative or We) an authorised representative (No.1297601) of Regional Australia Bank ABN 21 087 650 360 AFSL 241167 (Regional Australia Bank).  

Regional Australia Bank is an authorised deposit taking institution and also a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). By appointing Thriday as an authorised representative,  Regional Australia Bank authorises Thriday to issue the following financial service products on it’s behalf:

  • basic deposit products; and
  • cash and non-cash payment products.  

Together these financial service products are known as the products (Products) issued by Regional Australia Bank.  Please refer to the Account & Access Facilities Conditions of Use that relate to the use of the Products.  

This FSG is an important document, which provides information about the Products distributed by Thriday and is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use the Products offered in this FSG.   

After reading this FSG, you will know:

  • Who we are and how to contact us;
  • What financial services can be provided to you and how these services will be provided to you;
  • How we (and any other relevant persons) may be remunerated;
  • Whether any relevant associations or relationships exist that may influence our general advice;
  • How and why we collect, use and disclose your personal information; and
  • How to access our internal and external complaints handling arrangements.

The content of this FSG is general information only and does not take into account any person’s particular needs or objectives. Thriday provides no warranty as to the suitability, for any person, of the services outlined in this FSG.  

If you need any more information than is contained in this document, please contact us.  

What kinds of financial products and services can Thriday provide?

Thriday is authorised by Regional Australia Bank to distribute to retail and wholesale clients the Products.  

This means that Thriday can:  

  • distribute the Products to you;  
  • provide general factual advice regarding the Products; and
  • publish or issue certain promotional material in relation to the Products.   

Thriday is not authorised to provide personal advice about financial products. Personal advice is advice when your objectives, financial situation or needs have been or would be expected to be considered. This means that in the distribution of the Products, Thriday will not take your objectives, financial situation or needs into account and in relation to any advice (in publishing or issuing promotional material) about the Products.  

Thriday can only provide general advice limited to the Products functionality. Thriday cannot advise you on, or influence you in favour of, a financial product that is not a product that we are authorised to provide general advice on.  

It is your responsibility to decide whether any general financial advice given by Thriday in its promotional material is suitable for you, or to get personal advice from a financial adviser who holds an Australian Financial Services licence or who is an authorised representative of an Australian Financial Services licence and who is authorised to provide personal advice.   

Please be aware that Regional Australia Bank will not be responsible if Thriday provides any services to you which is outside of its authorisation.

You should therefore ask Thriday to confirm specifically that the service or product relates to the Products, prior to acting on any general advice.   

The Conditions of Use and other relevant documents will be provided to you

Before or at the time you are offered the Products, Thriday will provide you with, or explain how to access, the Conditions of Use, the Target Market Determination and any other relevant documents regarding the Products. You should read this information to enable you to make an informed decision prior to acquiring the Products. Copies of the relevant documents can be accessed at  

Can I provide Thriday with instructions?  

You may provide Thriday with specific instructions by email or by phone. Our contact details are noted below.   

Disclosure of any relevant conflicts of interest  

Thriday and Regional Australia Bank are not related entities. Thriday does not have any relationships or associations that might influence them in providing you with its services.   

How is Thriday paid for providing financial services?  

Thriday receives income from Regional Australia Bank by way of: (a) interest on the total funds in a deposit account held with Regional Australia Bank; (b) net interchange (if any) from transactions using the Products. This income is not a cost borne by you.    

Thriday directors and staff are remunerated by salary that includes superannuation benefits. Employees of Thriday do not receive, whether directly or indirectly, any fee, commission, benefit or advantage (pecuniary or otherwise) in connection with the financial services provided.

Regional Australia Bank  and Thriday’s record keeping obligations

Regional Australia Bank and Thriday will maintain records in relation to your use of the Products and any interactions with you in accordance with the relevant laws.   

How can I make a complaint?  

You have the right to ask us about our charges, the type of advice we will provide you, and what you can do if you have a complaint about our services.

Both Thriday and Regional Australia Bank are members of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). If you have a complaint regarding the provision of financial services to you, you can lodge your compliant by contacting us:

You can also contact Regional Australia Bank directly by:

Whilst every endeavour will be made to resolve the matter promptly and impartially, if you are not satisfied with how your complaint is dealt with, you can elect to refer the matter, free of charge, to AFCA.

AFCA can be contacted at:
Australian Financial Complaints Authority ABN 67 131 124 448
Mail: GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001
Phone: 1800 931 678

Alternatively, other matters can be referred to the industry regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on free-call 1300 300 630 or visit the website  

For more information on the complaint handling process for Thirday and Regional Australia Bank please refer to the compliant policies located on the Thriday website.    


Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to compliance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles. We may disclose your personal information to external or related parties who act on our behalf in the operation of our business. Such external parties are required and committed to protecting your privacy. Thriday and its associates will not otherwise disclose your personal information without your consent, except as authorised or required by privacy laws. Our Privacy Notice and Policy sets out how you can access and correct information we hold about you, how you can complain about a breach by us of your privacy rights and how your complaint will be handled. Thriday’s Privacy Notice and Policy is available at     

How does Thriday deal with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act?

As the holder of the Australian Financial Services Licence, Regional Australia Bank has an obligation under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF Act) to verify your identity before we can provide you with the Products. Thriday will let you know what documentation you will need to present to satisfy the customer identification requirements under the AML/CTF Act at the time you subscribe to Thriday.